2009 Hurricane season begins unofficially with a blocked landing of space shuttle Atlantis STS-125

I can think of no greater leading indicator for the coming hurricane season, than NASA's Hubble repair mission to the giant eye in the sky, [blocked from landing] by the season opener. Heck, they're even afraid to admit that it's a tropical system.

Pitiful ... pitiful ...

You could even say, that something or Someone was "unofficially," standing directly in the flight path.

Another curious coincidence?


Here's another one to consider ... coincidentally.

[Can't you see?]

I'm sorry I haven't had time to do more updates on my hurricane predictions here, as they may relate to NASA, but I'm doing more timely updates on another site. Here are a couple of threads to watch.

I'll try to find time to update here, also. So sit tight and keep your eyes open.

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R-apid -amon,

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Have mercy on those who have given up one sin or pleasure in the past year.




This probably isn't the best time of year, to be attending a party in outer space. >>>> >>>> [Post 8-31-09, 1:43 AM]

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Here's my forecast .... ....

Here's my forecast .... ....

Here's my forecast .... ....



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