2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season begins this year with an ominous stage, already set. In the Gulf of Mexico, we have the worst oil spill in U.S. history. In the Atlantic, we have the warmest waters every recorded for this time of the year, going back well over a hundred years.

I wish I could say this bodes well for the "Homeland," but if we had paid more attention to NASA employee [James Hansen,] perhaps we might have already turned a political [corner] on this issue.

Carbon dioxide is a big player, perhaps the biggest catalyst of all, when it comes to the temperature of the planet.

You can ignore the James Hansen's of the world, but you can't ignore .... [desolation.]

Horse puckey

Well, this is not about the hurricanes directly, so I'll try to limit my posting on this to a single primary post on the oil spill, and the Al Gore climate connection to the weather/climate change study process.
As a second posting, if I have RW's permission, I'll present a few images of the oil spill Gulf Coast area where the most hurricanes travel towards. It is interesting how much the river, coastline, land patterns and wind/cloud stands develop as a multiple aspect assembly at times in great order and eventual mutual inter-related control of the hurricanes, and the pollution, both in water, in air, and on land. I would like to present that natural orderliness in a second post on RW's topic on hurricane activity in the oil spill zone.

This post is indirectly related to the hurricane paths, and possible added misery for the populations in the event of current hurricanes developing this summer. The oil will be affected along this coast, and the routine weather and surface water will be altered by the hurricanes.
A warning to all- I have been blocked or censored from adding this post to FMR's current topic "There goes all the warming".
I wanted all to see the local hurricane coastline as it is currently, while the oil still flows.



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I suppose we could claim this 45(47, May 3, 2010) million gallon oil spill as of May 2, 2010, is not yet the biggest disaster of environment from one human gesture industrially, but it is a rising star in the history books now, and not solved nor an end point in sight.

Has this damage and the public stress caused the separation of the Al Gore family, or is it all the terrible foul name calling involved?
Perhaps it is personal, and should be left to them.

How much does the environment affect the weather here, and how much does the weather/climate affect the landscape and environment?
Is this disaster a 'human Grand Canyon', for future generations to study as a point of reference?
Is it a value added formula to consider this 45 million gallons was not refined and burnt for atmospheric 'clean dumping' as is suggested by the topic?
Then again, the "There goes all the warming" topic claims only that the climate is cooling, not warming. So maybe this is a mutual understood disaster, and maybe the affects of this in the atmosphere would be a real factor in pollution conditioning of our air, even if the warming effect is not considered.

Is this a disaster, or just a waste?
What is the effect on local climate of 45(updated to 47 on May 3, 2010) million gallons of refined and burnt oil?

I have attempted to post this, and several variations of this post, over a four day period. Currently I am blocked or censored from the presentation.
How long will the censored condition last?
On RW's Atlantic Hurricane topic,
Can the hurricane season be affected by a climate/environment carrying the refined and burnt by-products of millions of barrels of oil per day? Add coal to that question and is the South Eastern U.S. affected by the volume of material, or is it a neutral factor, or a cooling influence?

The link above is a site of an oil induxtry advocate, a oil industry former executive, an oil industry lobbyists, a Republican party member, and a person who is not a scientist by any stretch of the term. The person is an employed advocate of increased lack of oil industry elimination of pollution controls, and the building of a nation of oil consumption unrestrained by concerns for health and safety of the population.
We all know that CO2 is used by plants to grow. They also use Oxygen to function when lighting is not present. This retired oil company owner and loobyist for gig oil claims that plants need more CO2 to grow faster.
In truth, the least influential aspect of plant growth controls available as a method of growing plants is the CO2 gas level control. All other methods of altering plant growth are much more available, and effective, and, give a better industrial and social, and environmental result as applied by our best technological processes currently developed.

There are no techniques of applying CO2 gas more concentrated to plants without polluting the atmosphere generally.

CO2 is an effective poison to humans as well as a pollution factor in several functional processes.

We would find the application of CO2 gas to plants to be a 'new technology' to be studied by science and the agriculture industry over time, and, not as issued on the persons self owned website, advocated by a oil industry lobbyist and oil industry company owner/advocate.
The background agenda is clearly the controlling factor in the open 'clean dumping' of burned oil(CO2) into the atmosphere that is advocated by both FMR and this employed oil industry Republican Party member who owns companies making million from the oil refining and drilling operations.

The site owner and oil industry and pollution advocate in FMR's link, does not plan to study, design, nor support any scientific methods of adding CO2 gas to agriculture plants, he simply intends to poison us all, and destroy our economy while sucking all the money he can get out of our pockets. He is rich, corrupt, dishonest, a Republican Party member, and a businessman.

Is he a lawyer also, FMR?


Here is a link with only a few details, and they may not be accurate in actual effects estimated, about the influence of the oil spill related to passing hurricanes if they develop this spring of 2010.

I was going to present satellite details of the weather and shallow currents in the area, as they relate to the large scale river delta and the oil spreading pattern, but I am out of time now today, having spent five days fighting to present information on this and two other topics on this blog.
I'll try to present the information tomorrow.

My prior entries to this topic were blocked and removed after receipt at the marsroverblog.com server, so this may not be uploaded and displayed as well.

The oil spill webcams from various locations are presented on this site- drop toward the bottom for continued coverage of the operation, as the upper webcams are not active on Friday, June 4,2010, currently.



Did I mention FMR's choice of witness in this matter, and the pollution of the atmosphere by the open dumping of burning oil, is a Texan as well? A state run by and controlled by big oil money. I remember driving Texas highways, and watching nothing but oil wells pumping every hundred feet or so, for miles to the horizon. Hundreds within view from the main roadways, no other industry or vegetation around.

Hurricanes cause damage, but oil causes wealth in Texas. The fumes affect us around the world, and are carried by the hurricanes if they arrive.

FMR is entitled to his opinion. This forum has always been fair and balanced.

The problem isn't the expression of opinions and ideas, but their suppression. This includes my insight, which has caused some to see red.

If you click on the cryptic drawings below, you'll see that both of these photos were published in advance of the oil spill. For those familiar with my curious presentations here and elsewhere, this is partly how I make forecasts.

I would pay special attention to the location of the large black letters ... on land, and the red or rusty coloring in the Gulf Stream. This is a rare event, and the location, [unmistakable.]

What might have tasted sweet in my mouth, has now become very bitter in my stomach, as I am an avid bird watcher.

While it doesn't take a hurricane to throw oil onto Gulf Coast beaches, it is something to think about this season. You could almost consider it ... an antithetical collision, in the making.

Published: Apr 8th, 2009

Published: Apr 5th, 2010

"This forum has always been fair and balanced."

:D You should get a job as a stand-up, RW. Try "magnet for woo-woos" instead.

If the links to the oil spill webcams are busy or weak, these are links to 4, and 12 webcams from BP sent through another source redirect, if needed
4 webcams,

12 webcams,

4 webcams again.

Here's my favorite [Link] to the live cams of the oil leak. It's a little easier to see all of them. Then you can right click any to view full screen.

We could sit here and argue about the odds of this curious coincidence, but that would require something that is beyond the scope of science?

The bottom "underline" is ... I'm not the only one who draws pictures, that only make sense after the damage is done. :shock:

Where are all the missing posts going?



The active geological paths, processes, and erosion, as well as the formations which are most active, along the Gulf of Mexico coastal shelf extension, were in the minds of those who planned the nearly 4,000 oil platforms positioned along the coastal zone.
This image is altered by myself from the original, and is taken from the Wikipedia article "Gulf Coast Platforms".
The image source was the NOAA Ocean Explorer website.
A general reference to the Gulf and the oil platforms there.

I have added notation, with legend, at the bottom of an expanded image frame, and have marked a path of distinct geological activity which was clearly obvious to the US government and the designers and owners of these many oil well platforms.

The problems associated with the deep water wells, such as methane plumes and tectonics instability, were known when the oil wells were drilled.
More detailed evidence of leaking methane and salt movement has been found since the wells were planned and built.

This displays the carefully planned endangerment of all of us by the planners, and by the overseers in governments around the Gulf of Mexico coastal zone.

Renewed drilling and new wells are underway even after this BP disaster of 2010.

For readers generally, excitable personalities, and those who spend time watching burning houses and car accident scenes, here is a long take from the U.K. on the U.S. disaster at sea directed to our Mississippi well blowout damage zone. We have to read all these 'comments' section thoughts as well as the main story take to appreciate the current state of mis-information and the general lack of science training of the population.
Many would give bad advice, all interesting but failure prone, and not give the needed assistance, which is now $ billions of dollars of damage compensation $, to give any correction to the publics response in planning a solution long term.
Only a long term science solution is possible or needed.
Please read all the ideas and study our society in it's self induced bewilderment as a mob of billions of conflicting persons, each drawing energy like a plague of locusts from an unstable continental margin which is laced by deep faults, with mobile deposits.
The impulse is good, but the ideas are noise.http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article19923.html

A view of the oil spreading across the Gulf of Mexico in June, after 2 months of blowout leakage was unstopped.

No thumbnail for the above, link should work.
Another closer view near the leak in May/June, coastline damage not seen here again. The spill has seen no local serious hurricane augmentation as yet in 2010.


The Katrina hurricane in 2005 caused major local effects, mostly damaging, and curiously is bound to the local geology as an interactive partner with the atmosphere(weather), water basins, river delta deposit shaping, and the tectonics of the coastal margin shaping. This location has a very visual interaction display which reminds me of Martian terrain dominated by apparent 'wind sculpting' explanations which on both planets mask the tectonics and geology/mineralogy ordering processes.
A view of the Katrina storm with an inset view of the 2010 oil spill dynamics just above the proper overlay position.
All the major details follow a ordered pattern in varied climate and states of matter, solid, liquid, and gas.

Small version above cropped down,
and a large version below, larger in scale.
Other file types and sizes at the linked image host, JPG & PNG;


A further view of the interactive land, water, gas horizon ordering which allows a singular pattern to result, altering our continents, climate, industry, and our quality of living.

Here the fog and water currents, submerged and drier land, gives a 'ballet' of detailed interactions in 2004. All images covering the same Mississippi outflow delta where the directed river meets salt water sea.


The details of the interacting materials appears as finely ordered design.

Even the best human 'climate conditioning actions' of industry are dancing in the interactive processes which measure thousands of miles in distance at times.

We always are experiencing the effects of methane and CO2 in this pattern, and they are invisible to human vision.

In 2010 we see our action and interactions with nature and climate in the water and on the shore, as they appear prior to being refined and burnt.

To continue the topic aspect of regulated orderly formations of nature, in the environment, we can find the same well ordered structural actions in repeat display even planet-wide, across the entire globe in the form of geomorphology adjustments balancing planetary degrees of force and mass.
The plate tectonics maintenance of centrifugal shear, isostasy, dissipation, and adjustments of various large scaled aspects of the crust interactions, gives us a theater seat in viewing an ancient and active volcanic/earthquake pattern which is both a residual of the distant past, and a measure of current balancing of force and mass.
The anigif of the planets earthquakes for the week of 06/11-18/2010, shows again, as I have presented similarly at other prior topics, a well patterned series of earthquakes along the 'current active' continental land mass margins, (still image below, a JPG)

and in viewing earthquakes on the satellite viewpoint from above the Middle East, using 2 images in this 'anigif' technique of overlays of the near side view of the globe,
then alternating to a view of the combined earthquakes for both the near and far side of the globe combined, we bring a balance to the near side continental margins, in seeing a linear series of earthquakes through the globe, nearly every far side earthquake aligned along a 'quiet zone margin' of the formerly conjoined continental margins, with additional earthquakes added to the
Pacific 'Ring of Fire' margin zone.


There are again this week, only a few small earthquakes which are not strictly aligned in this 'through the globe' single point of reference.
The alignment is long term and real, a historical record of the active Pacific 'Ring of Fire' dominance of Earths global geomorphology processes.

Mars has a similar structural oriented surface record, of a similar tectonic active past. If mars were larger, warmer, and if it's oceans had been present longer, would we see a similar 'Ring of Fire' active zone dominating that planet as well?

To return to our observance of the active singular ordering of Earths active earthquakes and vulcanism, this is an image of the combined near and far side of the globe, in JPG (PNG versions at image host), as a single still image. The way in which these active and quiet continental margins have become rotationally opposed to balance the 'Ring of Fire' convection process is a scientific 20th Century milestone in understanding planetary geology, and planetary dynamics.


The process and understanding may also some day allow humans to consider planetary 'terraforming as a possibly technique of bringing life to other planetary proto-planets, or even an attempt at something similar in our solar system. Thats a 'Sci-Fi extension of my thoughts on the future of science in our continuing application of knowledge to effective future accomplishments.

It would be interesting to discuss as a topic on this blog someday, whether Earth and Mars both were a product of impact induced tectonics geomorphology and basic structuring, or, whether dissipation, cycling, and internal forces have been the predominating pattern maker over the billions of years.

The fact that the air, seas, and solids are fine tuned to the active patterning of the other states of matter, short term and long term, allows me to understand both Mars and the Earth's climates better.

The satellite views of Mars show pattern and order to a degree as great as the Katrina and recent oil spill satellite images I presented in entry #13 just prior. The U.S. geological surface appears patterned after the Katrina 'wind sculpting' forces, but the interacting air, liquids, and solids are in a mutual sculpturing session over time, with patterned repeated assessment of the solid surface over great timing.

With less liquid state matter on Mars, we are looking at a record of hidden qualities and locked in place surface expressions appearing dominated by wind, gases, radiation, impacting, and gravity . The Katrina patterns we observe in 2010 will be missing from our study of Mars weather apparently.

Does Earth's vast liquid presence give us a dis-oriented view of the subsurface similarities of the two planets?

For those with imagination, I must do something now, and would like to offer this view of the Earth as an opaque and as a transparent globe again, this time from the view of the North pole, and then the South pole, by a satellite point of reference.
These two animated GIF's give a rather close match to the physiographic image of the MOLA Mars maps view of the Martian Lowlands polar North, the earthquake active margins on Earth matching the Mars transition zone pattern we see in satellite views.


The two polar views give a clear scene of ordered planetary morphological patterning of two planets, which also match in other aspects.
Hurricanes may have swept Mars in the distant past, or, the Earth's hurricanes may be a view of greater ordering of the environment beyond simple weather.
On both planets a calm and stable south hemisphere predominates, and transitional responses to the solar system have been recorded in the northern hemispheres.

This direct scaled comparison of Mars and Earth north polar region, with the Earth globe seen as a transparent sphere including all earthquakes accumulated during a common weeks of time both near and far side, then only the near side quakes, gives a view of our similar geological and surface process matching of active recorded tectonics of each planet.

Both Mars and Earth have a similar past, a tectonic active past, and well matched processes both ancient and ongoing. We do have a varied past in regard to long term liquid water balance, and that has caused the Earth to show continental bulk mass accumulation, with Mars giving us the northern lowlands as a substitute.
Both internal and external influences have evolved the two planets along a matched planetary structural pattern.

I have presented these 'not-on-topic' entries of the Earth and Mars structural tectonics matches, in order to convince both geologists and untrained passing readers that the Earth and Mars carry a potential for comparison and study as a study of both differences and similarities.
The matching tectonics shapes between the two planets, and the unusual way in which the continental altered masses of Earth have detailed corresponding opposed globe points of active geology interactions, provides an impression of multiple point source forces acting upon the Earth from beyond which have the apparent effect of causing, modulating, or controlling the active crustal tectonics effects we are affected by over several billion years.
If the processes are a product of core or mantle mirroring, both planets were active internally in matched detail at the timing of the Mars Northern Highlands transition zone formation.
If the correlation points are sources of influence beyond Earth and Mars, we are viewing an unseen series of energetic 'radiative' force which can alter planets in morphology and crustal scale sufficient to dominate the entire planet for each Mars and Earth.
The weather and environment are likely to follow this massive patterned, ordered dominance, and even the Coriolis effect inducing circular hurricanes would be affecting a geology conditioned by the source of the two planets matching surface patterns of liquid altered rock types, Type II(Mars) and Continental(Earth).
The development of high elevation continental land masses has aided us in avoiding the effects of hurricanes, whereas much of Mars seems dominated by nearly 'straight line' erosion records, probably induced during differing weather conditioning circumstances in the past couple billion years.
Are the two planets now entirely different, and is Earths crustal activity ordering as old as the matching patterns found on Mars?

Another view of Earth, near side continent of Africa, over the western margin, and the added global Earthquakes as they appear looking from a point in space above the coast of Africa, as though a point source of direct influence occurs at that point angular position above Earth at some distance, resulting in producing the continental land masses or the opposite corresponding earthquake activity of tectonic movement stresses.
Can the focal effects of the quiet continental margins and active margins be causing a mirrored action from this view upon the far side of the globe, and is this a method of focusing a search for possible former life on Mars by analogous water influenced formations, and added estimated hurricane force weather pattern location mapping on Mars?
The largest number of quakes are far side added to the few near side quakes here.

Do both planets record internal force ordering, or one or more astronomical influences at the same relative timing about 2-4 billion years past?
Is there a source of ordering active now?
Is weather dominated by the ordering source of influence?
Are the properties of molecular water allowing the distinct difference between Earths weather(hurricanes) and straight line wind patterns apparent on Mars?

A similar view of highly ordered and stable geological repetitious patterned activity which defines our environment and climate patterns.
This view above the Pacific ocean gives a view of our most active source of continuous replacement of oceanic sea floor, with a resulting ring of earthquakes, extreme weather,
and a clear dominance of human industry.

The near side Pacific earthquakes mark active geology transition zones again, and the addition of the far side earthquakes not normally visible from the vantage point above Earth gives a confirmation of the planet-wide ordering of our short and long term weather and geological disaster conditioning patterns.
A single apparent encirclement of the globe, seen in the last few entries on this topic of hurricanes, shows our inability to challenge the dominating forces of Earth, and Mars, in altering our climate patterns of long term history.

Any changes we can produce in the natural predominance of this pattern, will make us a equivalent to all life's species in sum, in adding qualities to the natural conditions we used to view as regional, and short term.

In regard to FMR's suggestion that humans should be wary of science records of weather patterns, this is a view of the hurricanes of recent timing, viewed as a pattern of a well established factual type. The presence of a pattern here is real, seen as either human induced, or natural.
The recent serious higher energy averages for the past decade of hurricanes is quite pronounced in the chart.
We have made efforts industry considered excessive in reducing our environmental influence, and yet the steady increase in damaging hurricanes is shown during the timing that FMR claims we had experienced a non-changing, or planet wide cooling swing in patterning.
The display is one of increasing damage potential in the hurricane common paths where we are now trying to stop a massive kill-zone of toxic release of the material we suspect is one of the climate altering industrial ingredients, that being crude oil.
All the scene and charts here show we have a worsening climate, with other areas of Earth giving us extreme weather occurrences.

In my own town we had one of the worst early summer hail storms, with lime to baseball sized hail breaking out windows and car windshields of a third or more of the vehicles in the path of the recycling and enlarging hail stones. The hail stones resembled tektites in shape and were the oddest appearing hail I had ever seen in my entire life. There were so many of the hail stones that they were piled in drifts and carpeted the ground, giving helicopter views of solid ice sheeting across they core of the path of the weather storm.
Heating or cooling, we are experiencing extreme weather oddities all the time around the world.
Here is a background source of the patterned earthquake recording I use to view the strong climate control we see in the transparent global views of tectonics control of our environment.

A few suggestions about oil on the Gulf waters and coming hurricane season possibilities.
An interactive graphical map estimate of the unfolding oil spill transport of the crude oil during the past two months.
Use the upper left dark button for auto-play, or control the timeline with the white marker by mouse, and watch oil move across the Gulf.
This is linked at the prior address page as well.