3D Mars Image

You'll need 3D glasses to see this properly, but click here to see the cool 3D panorama shot that I have taken of the Mars landscape. I can't wait to get rolling!

hello from earth! :))
what's up there now? can you here us

I hear you loud and and clear, Iranian World. It's dusty and cold right now, not much else....

you are an opportunist or a creative thinker?!! mr. or miss. spirit... baba ey val...
remember the last one that was sent to mars? remember what happened to it? watch out then!

Opportunist?? You must be thinking of my brother, "Opportunity" - the correct spelling ends in "ity" and not "ist". :-)

I'm mostly a geologist, here to look at some martian rocks. I want to find out whether this area was a lake bed in acient times.

And don't worry, I'll be careful.

Hey how come we don't get to see any of the pictures taken with the PANAM cameras? You know the full color one's that the rovers are sending back???? NASA talks about all the GIGs of information it's sending back but we only get to see the B&W pictures. I check ALL the web sites that carry info. on the rovers and they all post the same pictures. I want to see the good stuff!!! It's not right holding back the cool pictures just so NASA can make money off them. After all the tax payers are footing the bill in the first place! I want to see all the pictures everyday!!!

Hi, just found your website. Thought you might like to see some other ways of seeing a 3D Mars landscape without the glasses. You may have seen these 3D techniques already, but just in case you haven't:
Cheers. JB


another one in post 7?