3D Mars Terrain

I am doing my final year B.E- mechatronics degree course. In our curriculum we cover the basics of robotics and i am more keen towards this area and i have presented a paper called "Internet based control of robots". The idea of sending rover instead of human to learn the environment is a mind storming project and i would like to be a part of it.

I need some one to help me find info on MArs terrain ! :cry:

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Natalie I would be happy to direct you to many legitimate websites concerning mars terrain.
Here is a good
Ask more specific questions as to what you are looking for I I will post asite address to help you.

i need sites on mars terrain too!!! HELP!!! :-(

how about this?

Mars terrain


i need to no some info on the terrain of mars dudes and quick because my project is due tomorrow

why is this picture having so many green & red dotted-colors. Also why is it not a full image. It seems that NASA has edited these images to hide the secret of Mars's true color.

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