520 days of WHAT?


Well folks its here at last...6 characters who want to hide themselves in Russian tin can tubes for 520 days with not much to do but look at each other. There are NO windows in the 'cans', if there were simulated star fly-bys-[AKA Star Trek windows we all have seen on TV] would bring a sense of realism with star movement granting some 3D depth out a few well placed windows I can then understand that they may last 520 days...but no visuals at all is too severe to understand anything to gain psychologically. After all we do use our eyes.

OK folks lets have some fun with this one.

180 to 200 days is my bet for them to last.

Any other comments are very welcomed.


A job is a job. Long term for most all, or all.

Just the proving of self worth can be a major organizing factor. Any person heading to Mars knows the consequences of bad judgment, and wayward impulses, but along the way there will be some whose work will show the strain and lack of commitment.
Will this be webcam displayed part of the time?

Some jobs stink. How about this long term closed loop environment? Is the air closed or open through filtration?

For general information, I have dozens of posting attempts on several topics censored and blocked for four days running, and this is my first successful posting in that time. Why are we censored this way on topics?

Does the food change? And if so what about digestive issues? Does the phrase "he who smelt it dealt it apply? Having the same old menu will get old quickly. What if they run out of Beano or gasex before the trip is over?
Will sex be tried under these conditions? If so will the others make fun of the participants?
These are the real hard questions that need to be answered

Well, I did read that all the food was in sealed containers and it would have to be rationed off...this spells trouble already...rationing already!!!
The article says they would have to cope with, ' intense periods of monotony'...well isn't that a surprise to hear.
Also, this is a trip that will mimic similar conditions of a trip to Mars. Yes it may be similar but definitely not the same...what with no gravity, micrometeorites, aliens, lack of O2, or perhaps too much CO2...and I wouldn't drink any purified urine either, would you? So where is the water-from a tap?
They will be communicating via email complete with lapse travel distance time of up to 40 minutes, I guess when furthest out or landing distance. And just how are the batteries to last 520 days!
OHHH, I understand now, its one thick diameter umbilical cord to a nuclear power generating station just outside the tubes that they can't see!


This setting will not simulate a possible real life threating situation, with small possibilities of successful rescue and recovery, and therefore somewhat wasted time.

Not that I mean that this should been really simulated, but that must be the most challenging situation the crew can experience, and all the trauma around that.

Actually folks, this thing is not designed correctly. Just WHY does the 'ship' have to simulate a 'tube' anyway. If the characters who designed this thing took a look at all the SF ship designs out there in TV-land,[and maybe they did???] ie...Star Trek, or the Fire Fly ships then they would have constructed a hull design in a circular diameter,[for circular walking motion] which would better simulate a real ship design complete with a sick bay, separate living quarters and a canteen of worth, washrooms and perhaps a Captain's chair with communications and other science stations around him that will REALLY simulate the purpose of workability forcing longevity with partnerships and include a large screen to simulate Mars approaching right in front of them...this makes much more sense than being completely closed inside a tube without any source of visual depth...ie...a damned window!!!!! Hell, they already have the gravity to begin with. I know for certain these 6 will be bumping into each other more frequently than not all without escape from each others presence.
Hell put 6 rats in a tube and the biggest one will eat the rest!!!
Don't forget, in 30 to 40 years times we won't be going to Mars in a 'tube' ship.

In my mind this Mars 520 day project is a very unnecessary strenuous and insensitive approach to the real McCoy. Results will be immaterial.


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Hate to go against the mainstream of thought (not really),,,(:>),,
I feel that there will be "some",,valuable data to be taken from the experiment.Possibly
later on,,it's still early yet.