Accent to Mt. Sharp

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Will follow.curiosty up the hill.

Sorry for the tittle. AI and an old man who had a few, nevertheless, some great weather images this week two cloud layers. Cirrus clouds above altocumulus type or mid-level clouds. Always reminded me of a finger print. These cloud types are common in winter on Earth. Usually associated with high winds and warm air advection aloft. Will this trigger a dust storm. Will continue to monitor.

Raw images are piecemeal, decided to go with mosaic from ant103 UMSF.

As an aside paulH51 UMSFcalled these clouds gravity waves. He must have been thinking of the buckles in Saturn’s rings.


image ppl

Astrophysicists and meteorologist. The twain should never meet.

Time for a little follow up. This is obviously an outgassing plume. Either that or a sudden phase change at the poles.

Curiosity is up the slope. Etiolgy of this event must be understood.

Cloud layer lowering at sunset is consistent with atmospheric cooling.

I’ll follow this topic as I cannot contribute much, but atmospheric effects are seen at ground level despite the high altitude views displayed.
No way yet to visualize the surface and low altitude processes.
It would be valuable to render the surface processes viewable to imaging up close.
I was observing this weeks Curiosity imaging, and the bright materials on the slope show difficult to view down slope effects of material not seen, and probably atomic and partial molecular object movement and ‘gravity’ forces, which are literally similar in appearance to some aspects of these waves and electrical/electronic ionic charged particle type materials.
There is a long term alteration erosion and movement process we almost cannot see around the rovers operating, influenced and controlled by daily-diurnal swings and climate processes.
I am trying to produce some images of those changes, but the photos do not allow good closeups yet.
The weather is real on Mars, and the Sun-materials process is at a scale and timing geologic in character.
If we could produce a ‘fog’ generator that didn’t change the environment, it would be a very busy show.
Thanks for the work and topic.

This is a timely reference to Earth based low altitude effects of the type we cannot view on Mars, and it was an education for me to watch this example showing tornado ‘standing wave’ type shear effects which do not ‘drift and travel’ with the storm systems as we normally see in weather news of surface troposphere activity. I find watching the high altitude processes on Mars and Earth as foreign and alien to routine weather we experience. These newest satellite Earth views of tornadoes occurring in ‘staid-in-place’ events at relatively fixed points where the maximum vertical and side shear was operating in combination.

I am wondering now what the Mars production looks like, and whether as we watch Mars and Earth based moving tornadoes, we are simply seeing an analog to this video view of a type of tornado production, or, perhaps there is another low altitude/jet stream Earth creation of travelling vortex cause and Mars dust devil cause.
The use of the term ‘gravity’ wave was always confusing, but the understanding of a vertical forcing and vertical rising is complex when seen, and we just cannot see on Mars the low altitude action until dust makes the wind force visible.
I remember that on mesa/bluff slopes dust devils often occur when the cold air leaves depression/channels and translates to a vertical vortex pattern from what was probably a spiral forced channel motion downwind to a loss of confinement.
While the visible component of the wave is inverted in examples, the altitude and heat/cold components are often inverted in circumstances.
In solids the waves are mounds and faults, showing troughs and alcoves.
Aspects of Earth like beauty.

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Some clouds I n Gale Crater.

I have seen some clouds at Mt. Sharp referred to as ‘gravity wave’ pattern type, but my memory for a link is missing.

I imagine the more dense atmosphere at times must be productive of heavier cover, and the frost on the ground and InSIGHT scoop are impressive in current observations.

Gravity waves are a layman’s term for topgrphical influence.

Curiosity keeps sending us interesting pics.
This sure does look like something fossilized of organic origin.

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Curiosity snaps another organic looking (fossilized?) shape.

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