Active forum mentioning possible past life

Can someone please point me a very active forum talking about our latest rover on Mars. I’m pulling my hair out reading a forum where you can’t discuss details of the primary mission (a search for past life) What a ridiculous situation there is in that forum.

Welcome back. The search for life is ambiguous. Fossils? Berries with stems? Strange clogs rolling around in a microscopic image from the Phoenix Lander. How about the leafed image from Dana?

A few are still here.

Bill; I can’t really point you to a very acive blog (like the old MRB) that discusses the Perseverance programme from the viewpoint of what appeared to be Perseverance’s focus (on Ancient Life) when it was sent to Mars. My energy and memory levels are somewhat depleted as compared with the old days but I still try, albiet in fits and starts, to post occasionally here. Dana Darwin and I seem to be the only ones who are still trying. Hort is sorely missed.


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Yes Hort and Henry.

I’ll give you flowers before your passing. Winston is a legend of The Mars Rover Blog.

Not going to happen. The Mars Rover Blog is your only hope. At least here you can theorize.

It’s up to you Bill. If you ask questions they will be answered. If you post interesting images they will be discussed. Sometimes I get a little abstract, the more Scotch, the more abstract.

A lot of lurkers here. A lot of smart people lurking. All you need do is start.

Nice Darwin; I agree

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