Anomalies for Evaluation Sol 855

Here are two anomalies for your evaluation, shown in this photo taken on Sol 855:

The pixel coordinates for the upper anomaly are 1220,170 (x,y). For the second, bottom anomaly the coordinates are 1064,1042 (x,y). The upper anomaly is also shown in the following photo:

The coordinates there are 110,170 (x,y). GIMP or IrfanView (both freeware graphics editors/viewers) can be used to resolve the pixel coordinates. On my screen the upper anomaly shows slightly more detail in the second photo. When viewing these anomalies, note that their dust-covered surfaces make them blend-in with adjoining rocks, so keep this fact in mind.

Both anomalies immediately stand-out in the rock-strewn terrain. My initial observations lead me to conclude that these anomalies are both metallic pieces of debris, corroded, eroded, and dust-covered. If additional, similar pieces can be found in other photos taken in the same, immediate location, it might be possible to estimate the direction from which they originated, assuming that an explosive blast was responsible for their present resting places.

Things move slow on the MRB,,,,,,

You are I guess referring to the ground opening and gas escaping into atmosphere?

Yes,,, good information,,, we have a word for this venting (I just saw it in a pdf),,
but it escapes me at this moment....again
acute observation,
Thank You.
Remember the dust is several X's drier on Mars.And the gravity and the rust from iron oxide (I think),,,, then with this we add a percolation,,,(what you posted),,personaly
I think of a mild sulfuric acid/carbon dioxide/chlorine/sand/dirt/regolith????/ ,,,,,soil?

I really must read that mars soil.pdf again (I just posted it)

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