Another strange pair of artifacts seen by Spirit

It's one thing to find a very curious rock. It's another to find two with the same very strange patterns, in the same vicinity. I'm talking about a rock that looks like a clock face with the minute hand sticking straight out. :shock:

How many pairs or sets of similar objects does NASA need to find before they'll give us a good close up or a RAT of the item? Why only focus on inanimate objects and meteorites?

Note carefully also in close-up #2 how some of the smaller items look machined. How the item on the lower left is segmented and changes in size beyond the segment. I could see a plain rock showing signs of segmentation, but I cannot see random geology displaying segmentation AND change in size beyond the point of segmentation. This item suggests useful form and function.

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To me, it looks like you are identifying JPEG compression artifacts. For your own edification, enlarge the images you're working with and contrast enhance. I think you'll see that you have little 16 x 16 blocks of pixels and their borders with other blocks constitute your artifacts

That's too simple an explanation. The examination of the heat shield gave me the baseline I needed in my own mind, for what is real vs. unreal. The metal spring looked like a spring, didn't it? There was enough detail to immediately recognize it for what it was, correct?

I've been looking at these photos for over a year, and I've spent hundreds of hours studying the pairs and sets I've found. I'm learning what the associated pieces of the organisms are Glenn. The associations are beginning to impress my friends in paleontology.

Multiple associated pairs are not accidentally found. The only compression I see, is in the argument that NASA is using to explain them away.

NASA's not explaining them away. There's nothing to explain.

I read most of your posts, as I find them interesting, and I believe that it is good to have someone looking very closely at these pictures for evidence of anamolies.
However, I just don't see what you see. I looked at the picture that you posted, and I just see rocks. Can you be clearer as to what it is that you are seeing? Instead of just drawing lines on a photo, can you identify the lines as line a or b and then say "at point a I see..."?


This fossil remnant resembles the face of a clock, that's about the best way I can describe it.

Here's another one found close by ... as posted by [Charlie P 1] Original [Link]

Doris, do you have a song to go along with this?

Was there once a family of life in our solar system?

Another strange pair of Squarepants seen by Spirit.

Doris, do you have a song to go along with this?

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those are pictures of rocks with interesting shapes and shading.



check out the interesting geological circles from the most recent photos

they almost look like crinoids :-)

trying to figure this site out lol