Astronomers may have found giant alien 'megastructures' orbiting star near the Milky Way

Figure 7, both not spherical?

yeah saw that pretty cool. Seems a little too crazy too be real, but why not? Who knows what it is.

That would make an awesome sci fi movie, travelling to this star system and finding an ancient alien civilization for real. I mean, it could really be exactly that. Kind of like ringworld or even halo convenant (not that I know anything about the later)

One thing they did not consider is the signature was from some dim eclipsing object BETWEEN earth and KIC8462852. that's exceptionally unlikely but plausible.

They also noticed a dime companion. It could be a faint dwarf star much closer to earth than KIC8462852, possibly with a clumpy dust cloud. A small clump of material from the visual companion, which may be hundreds of light years closer to us, simply drifted directly in front of KIC8462852. That is still highly improbable but Kepler is observing hundreds of stars. They certainly did not consider ALL the possibilities, including an ancient alien civilization ;-)

The few equivalent sized star tone maps showed circular well defined margins, as though the system of this multi object assembly might be an ellipse with very bright large items in the mix even at the most distant color tone shown. I got the impression of a very complex large set of objects, in the order of tens of percent of the diameter or brightness of the sun, bright and distant.
To give credit to a civilization moving or building such a equal percentage of the mass of the sun seems odd. It would be a massive action not using wisdom of leveraged action and combined technology, like causing a forest fire to build a barbeque.
I think the concept is silly sounding. Much like the concept of the U.S. using 50% of the worlds energy resources to produce about ten percent of the worlds consumer item mass. Vastly silly and wasteful; then again, it may be a human type social order bent upon effacement and wasteful gluttony, even slavery of the masses.
Hate to be a doubter, but why and to what effect? The larger bright objects appear far out in the mix.
The pattern of two tilted ellipses, looked a little like two black hole tilts in mutual bound orbit which I remember from last year.
Better imaging, just as with the rover particles, and we will find some sense and identity character to the causes.
A mystery is always fun to consider. I do plan to watch the movie, when it is 'free online' only.

The link I selected and transferred to entry #5 was not the one listed in entry #5 now. It should be read by all Windows users, however. I try to stay on a related topic at all times, and the debunking of the 'megastructure myth' was on my page of Forbes when I C&P transfered the link about the claim of a dual stellar system being a manufactured system. The idea that a chaotic system brings energy and value to an ancient civilization doesn't even make sense. Who seeks the chaos and unregulated presence of large items which would be later reworked to a system of energy preplanning?
The two systems in claimed mutual orbit both are distinctively not spherical in the image. I'll try again to show the Forbes article which was critical. Most of the internet mimics other bad behavior as a technique of rumor based 'click counting'.

"alien megastructure debunked Forbes",
as an image search, I picked three of the most relevant images to show you how our best technology works here on Earth.

no explanation can suffice to show how our best technology channels our investments through these filters giving us these images as a solution to the specific search terms used.(The big lie)

If we made the internet the size of the solar system, we would starve, go mad, and die in chaos. Possibly they developed the internet before we did. Hopefully, they packed their bags and left for...... Earth?

Try the search yourself.

The term "Dyson Sphere" might be of value here. See:

yes, but my point is that a 'Dyson Sphere' would or should not appear as the light interference indicates a system of complex non-repeating items which are very large.
Additionally I saw repeat character in the sequences displayed, but the repeats were variable. No structure of lightweight fragile content would be operated that way.
I am not at all disappointed in a search for an answer and further study of the system, but why is the shape of the brightness not discussed or considered in a technically competent effort for a real answer. An ellipse of brightness points is more an indication of a galaxy cluster in other telescope results.
The internet should be dealt with critically as a machine of waste and mis-information.
Projects operated through Zooniverse are performing many valuable accurate activities.
This story has not been dealt with by media sites in sincere terms, but as a Halloween scary story for public derision and bemusement.

Entries #4 and #6 show some of the rational imaging done of the target, from 'cappela' with Planet Hunters,

Obtained from the posting comments at:

Which was obtained/linked from a search of the terms:
planet hunter KIC8462852 Palomar transit object lower hemisphere

The wild change of image details to a confusing discussion beyond the facts is a noise machine of too little repeated imaging and watching.
A 'Dyson Sphere' secondary sun sized object or objects is un-necessary in subsequent alternative site assessments by persons not referring to the best images. Palomar images indicate a single source interference appearance until better detail is seen.
I like the subsequent topic and discussions but the drift is away from the actual content.