Ban RW

He's way out of control again.

I respectfully request he ahh um, be "moderated".



I don't agree!


My only wish to you Raptor is not so big images please! They lengthen all other (long)text beyond the (my) display.

By the way, why can you post the images in full resolution - mine become always small.

Is there someone forcing you to read RW's posts?
You can ignore his posts if you want to.
I happen to like seeing a full spectrum of ideas around here.


IIn my humble opinion the Raptor Witness is already an icon of this forum...

Re. the title of this thread and post #0 specifically

I don't think RW should be banned.

I don't agree with most of his claims for evidence of life in the images, but I've never been to Mars and neither have the persons who so authoritatively contend that he is wrong.

I think RW and some others should be advised to post images directly using the straight URL in order to conserve bandwidth and not post using the html format " which posts those large images directly on the thread.

I think that anyone who does not want to read RW's offerings do not have to do so.

Indeed, it is somewhat amusing that some posters go to great lengths to argue with RW and others who contend that there is evidence of extant life forms in the images when all they really need to do is ignore the posts. Let us wallow in our ignorance if you are so outraged at these ill-informed offerings.

Could it be that they think that their views, because they are trained professional geologists, must be correct and those of other mere mortals have to be erroneous and these infidels must be shown their place in a forum where geologists are all knowing?

The history of science is replete with the fallacy of such arguments and Mars itself has been known to regularly provide new evidence to negate previously held theories.

Despite the claims of several experts here, there is no preponderance of evidence that everything that is imaged on the surface and the near surface of Mars is definitively of abiotic origin. That is the current paradigm, but if one listens carefully, the portents that this paradigm is changing is developing into a flood.

Re post #4

and the question of large images. If you post using the html code ----(less than character) img src = ""(greater than character)--- and insert the image file name between the quotation marks, the large image file shows on the forum page directly. This is very wasteful of bandwith and the moderator is not likely to encourage it, especially since the very elegant alternative of thumbnail pics is provided when the image url required is typed directly on one's response.

I do.

Its been said a hundred times for well over a year now, the likes of your statement, but some folks are just so damned ignorant and stubborn, their parents were probably the same way, as to disrupt everything posted in the whole Forum.

They have absolutetly no good purpose or intentions in here to add to any post, other than disruption and mindless crap and silliness.

So, since there are just a few little passerby hecklers, I can be ignorant of them too.

I will post over theirs everytime. We all should.

There are itelligent people here that want to make a contribution for any thought about all conditions on Mars...I find nothing out of order with that idea.

I also like a good cross-section of folks, and so far there are about 100 in the Blog, with just a few jerks who raise up on 2 legs and start beating their hairy primitive chests and try to copy a few syllables of importance or even try to imitate us, c/w clothing.

Back to your trees boys, the rest of us will let you know its safe to come down.


"There are itelligent people here that want to make a contribution for any thought about all conditions on Mars...I find nothing out of order with that idea."

What? The claims made by RW are utter proof of a lack of any intelligence, maturity or ability to percieve reality. The majority of people don't want him here. Most don't speak up.

I'll keep saying it. The problems this forum has are directly related to the volume of posts by him. HE is the reason we asked for a moderator

The majority of people don't want him here
Lets see, I have noted that four out of over ninty people have asked me to ban RW

Where did you learn that 5% was a majority?

Raptor Witness is an icon of how idiotic this forum is.


regardless your statement, its an OPEN FORUM...

please retain that thought every time you read a post!

It won't hurt you to remember that.
..and you were doing so well of late!

thank you...


I'm doing as well as ever. Thanks.

I haven't changed a bit.

Calm down, calm down..

Thre are many people who have left who were real contributors. Glenn, Ian, Aldebarran, Jman and many more who left because of garbage by RW.

When Hal says, "Raptor Witness is an icon of how idiotic this forum is." He's speakiing for all the intelligent people who look in here, laugh at the idiotic claims by a few (or, one), and leave, thinking "Those people are nuts".

The reality is that there are many good contributions here.

I remember last spring, a guy posted a single comment. He said "Ya'll's nuts". We never heard from him again. It was hilarious. Since we live on a planet that has a reasonable amount of intelligent life forms, we can be sure that his opinion represents the majority of people who "stick their head in" for a minute.

BTW, it's my opinion that Richard has no interest in increasing traffic to this site. I know his favoring of the nutty claims, make it appear that way. Before he was the moderator, he was one to easily believe, or make those claims. Now, as moderator, he rarely states an opinion either way. He just says that he'd rather allow all opinions.

There is a Mars Biology forum which I visit rarely because I'm not interested in reading posts such as RW's. The only reason he could have for posting in the Open forum is to expose his comments to those not interested in seeing them.

Logically, the Open forum should be reserved for posts that are not specifically geology of life oriented. RW should post his life oriented posts in the Biology forum.

I too think the many (but not all) of RWs claims are silly. But then, who am I to judge.

Here are a couple of quotes by one of my favorite philosophers,Ludwig Wittgenstein:

"If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done."

"Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness."

Thank you RW for leading us to the green valleys silliness.

Isn't silliness important to the advancement of science?

I personally would not want to see RW banned from this forum.