Bargain or bust?

I was musing about the remaining rover. It has gone SO far past it's warranty, I wonder why they have not pulled the plug. How many people are involved with keeping it on the road, processing the data etc? Gotta be a good chunk of change. I notice also the last flight of the shuttle has been postponed again and again. Are folks just trying to stay on the payroll?


John,,,what about this Curiosity,,,Its Nuclear Pile runs out in less than 700 SOL's,,,,,if this true,,HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?????????
Joe in Texas

Not NEARLY as stupid as you, not even close, Joe.

wow!!! talking about PARANOID,,,,i wasn't talking about you being stupid,john,,,i was talking about ME!!

I found out soon after that i was incorrect,,good for a LOTTA years,,,
Do not take offense so easily.
Merry Christmas
Joe in Texas