Beer Clock

I have a beer clock on my wall. Every 60 seconds, the glass goes empty. This does not bother me. What DOES bother me is the battery dies every two years. If I live to a ripe old age, I'll only go through 15 more batteries. If I go through the batteries, I'll have more crust than a deep dish pizza. 15 batteries is not many. Is my life measured in numbers of batteries, or amount of crust????????

Social status in most countries is considered a measure of worth- the investiture versus the commonality of the item, for example. A one of a kind item can be a deciding factor in crusty-ness and 'tech'.
Additionally in the power and money mad economies is the concept of Carat or 'bling-bling' in the package, as in persona.

I can't afford beer or social standing, and crusty is a little flakey, so, your on your own again. wooof.

Hehe...the Simpsons. I think I've missed alot over the years. Never gave cartoons any time after I was about ten years old. My children (late 20's), finally MADE me sit down and watch "Southpark". Geepers, I've been missing alot. Think I'll check into the "Simpsons" too.

I have a disapproval of the cartoon life, and gaming as well, as the time is just not present for me, and the real pleasure of games and humor builds with time invested. Some persons I work with and others online are addicted to what I refer to as 'noise' in regard to my simple view of gaming and humor. The pop culture all throughout society is a full time industry.
I reference to batteries, I am surprised that the industry has not attempted to catch up with the technical availability of lithium and other long lived related batteries. We could be concentrating on ~5 year or longer replacement timing on much of our low drain electronics, rather than the yearly for alkaline, or monthly for the extreme 'low dollar' knockoff cheaper standards from discount sources.
I even buy lithium coin batteries direct(distant sourced) at about $2.00 a dozen, making the economics an obvious non-reason for the lack of changeover to the ~3 volt batteries. We have a world adrift in a lag-time shift between the available 'tech', the application, and incorporation.
My gesture at humor above was designed to parody the industry of the low quality and the consumption oriented pressures the industry relies upon as a substitute for future planning.
The rovers are a perfect example of what can be produced for life term in batteries, but the health consideration of the additives and conditioning of the basic batteries may be a limiting control on stability longer than ~5-7 years.
I have always 'counted' my days by the 'waiting' processes which take about half of our lives. The tech lag is better these days than the last century, but the impulse to make the 'best' world is still not in dominance, causing the wait period to be a humorous irritation, giving us a real worldly corollary for poor Krusty's madness and related popular styled culture.
Batteries are often limit of lifetime for our cute new technical items which are doomed by the breaking seals on the power sources. The batteries leveraged value in damages generalized can be as great as the development costs of new tech items, which adds to new release prices, before production/distribution takes dominance of cost.
Hopefully the Simpson's type shows will redirect 'drinking' impulses, and quality batteries can achieve a 5+ year replacement safety term, giving accumulation of technical items a single item purchase per person lifetime.
One set of batteries, prior to upgraded item models.
The Easterners are often placing the rechargeable batteries in the new tech devices as non-replaceable, thinking the value of each is a single purchase term, battery and device.
Experimenting with the MER and related rover/robots may show us to a better consumer market, and more effective economics in recycling and recharging.
Much of that was performed by the military research into battery life-cycle use, leading toward the current rover techniques.

Krusty and the Simpson's are the lag term 'dreamtime' of industry values plaqued onto the human methods of accommodation.

Try Hoodia sometime to counteract the Simpson madness- some green teas are very mild as a 'medicine'.
Emails requesting long term batteries may help as well if directed to a receptive planner.

We are in a "Hollywood" pop-culture,,our
batteries are made in china.Other nations look at us as those "decadent Americans".
Our president is ashamed of us.The last "Get er done" leader was Regan.JFK put us on the moon.
Yet hope remains,as there seems to be a remnant who will want to know just for the sake of knowing.These forums represent the
ones who ask and seek answers.America is the
greatest nation on earth.Many a good man
has died to make this happen,Freedom to learn
or be lazy.Govt controlled health care is
giving govt control of our health.Obama
tend to lean toward Ceaser Chavez in Venezuela,,How long will it be (If re-elected)
until our children are pledging allegiance to Obumba?
We are badly in need of a leader.Not someone
seeking revenge for a screwed up childhood,
Someone who is raised with love,respect and
belief in the God who created us.
Make it happen,vote.
Joe in Texas

If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. Death may be only seconds away.