Bonneville in Color

The rim and interior of a crater nicknamed "Bonneville" dominate this 180-degree, false-color mosaic of images taken by the panoramic camera of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit. Spirit recorded this view on the rover's 68th sol, March 12, 2004, one sol after reaching this location. The rover remaining here in part to get this very high-resolution, color mosaic, from which scientists can gain insight about the depth of the surface material at Bonneville and make future observation plans. On sol 71, Spirit was instructed to drive approximately 15 meters (49 feet) along the crater rim to a new vantage point.

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell

first thing that came to mind when i saw that was "beautiful desolation"...

let's hope that there's something useful to be found underneath the dust.. it'd be a waste if there wasn't, 'cause it took so long to reach there.

Look at the 26mb image and you'll find what appears to be a crashed craft on the other side of the crater.
See link

i saw it too!