carbon-carbon bonds and life from space

Carbon-carbon bond is the fundamental chemical bond for life. I read somewhere that carbon-carbon bonds break above 500 deg C. If so, how can such bonds survive after extraterrestrial objects enter the atmosphere, when temperature could far exceed? If such bonds in life forms break, how life can arrive from space? I still believe that the coacervate model is credible!

I haven't a link today, but several research groups have concluded that some and possibly many entering bodies are not heated thoroughly upon in-falling beyond about 300- to 400 degrees, after the process of entering the atmosphere.
The fusion crust on many small and large bodies shows surface alteration, so the effect of heating is present for many, recorded at the near surface. Exterior temp.s, especially in water impacts, would hasten cooling of interiors.
Interesting that we know most impacting debris of whatever chemistry is water impacting, and yet we cannot search for or find much of the residual material.
The oceans and lakes are estimated to be similarly the safer, original, and possibly the sole source, of life's origins on Earth, as well as the main repository of the impacting and lessor heated extra-terrestrial chemistry/mineral/carbonaceous mix. If the NWA998 meteorite fragments truly have to same small grains with a single radiating 'webbing' of leg-like starfish appearing extensions, patterned to match the sme appearing items found on Mars in MI rover images, and if NWA998 is correctly a Martian meteorite, then we have a match not found on Earth in shapes originating from Mars, and an item type surviving the descent heating. If someone publishes a match from Earths rocks or minerals, or, life-like content, to give the NWA998 a terrestrial source for some or all of the items, we might assume alteration had severely changed NWA998. Currently the fiber type growths inside the NWA998 fragments are investigated as from either Earth or from Mars, or whatever Mars-like body NWA998 may have originated at, but it seems that researchers are fairly certain the NWA998 is Martian as a source and match. The possible growing fibers were found internal to the main meteorite body.
Possibly the grains can survive above 300-500 degrees.
The linear 'jointed' growths appeared much less tolerant of high heat conditions, and appeared as possible carbon or biological based material.
Any current info on that related investigation in regard to temperatures of the fairly small NWA998 parent meteorite body?
If fairly recent in fall dating as recorded, NWA998 would be a land and desert fall, in the North West Africa region. Slow temperature cooling in the desert would be more likely to allow altered materials, compared to a water body fall.
Even a fall during rainfall would rapidly cool an in-falling meteorite, as would hail and snow storms. Common weather and 2/3 cover of water on Earth would accommodate the temperatures as commonly moderated upon descent.
Depending on the preferred range of a new 'life' type material or life form, the water as a cooler, less radiative set of conditions, might either aid or interfere with a new addition to carbon based life in Earth's soup mix.
If materials from Mars meteorites(NWA998) found on Earth are the only set of matching items to the items found on Mars rover MER MI images, where is the acknowledgment of the fact in literature of that significant fact?
Can the NWA998 items be found as entirely mineral or inorganic based as yet?
Are the items found in NWA998 actually originating on Mars, or, is story one of the many millions of missing Earth based pieces of information not yet 'discovered' as being an Earth based common item to the Mars items?
One of the techniques for assessing the items from NWA998 will probably be a heating above 500 degrees of a portion of the main body, to release chemical elements, so, the differential of results should tell a part of that set of questions the topic addresses.
Will NWA998 have organic content, and will that content be non-terrestrial?
Did NWA998 heat to greater than 500 degrees, with the contents as they now are found?
Were NWA998 growths based upon active processes from beyond Earth prior to entry and the fall?
Are the growths based upon organic or carbon materials?

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Earth's soup mix.
If materials from Mars meteorites(NWA99 Cool found on Earth are the only set of matching items to the items found on Mars rover MER MI images, where is the acknowledgment of the fact in literature of that significant fact?

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