Clarification on this object

Hello, this is my first post but i have searched the forum and google with no information on the thing i can see on Mars.

I am using google Mars. I was just exloring the planet but came across this very odd object? It appears to be a swirling blue energy field lying on a crater wall.

Now, i know my mind could be playing tricks or the camera that took it, even shadow tricks and so on. It also appears to be casting a shadow which would make it a solid structure maybe? i don't know.

Coords: 70 40'00.04"S 48 14'41.73"E

What are people's thoughts?

Try these sources of information.

Two closer images of it for you from the MOC:

I think it is a more freshly formed crater within an older crater. The new one seems to be filled with ice - likely carbon dioxide rich spots in those black areas.