Clear photo of Perseverance from above

How can it be that the helicopter didn’t take even one clear high resolution image of the mars vehicle from above? It seems to me like the most trivial thing to do. No one at NASA thought of aiming the cameras there and taking a picture?

Very disappointing if you ask me.

Also, why does the helicopter plan to do so few flights at mars? If it’s already there, why can’t NASA keep using it for as long as Perseverance will be there? Why can’t it do 50 flights?

Looks as if your plea has been answered.

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Welcome SpaceMan, welcome back Winston.

I would remind you the Opportunity Rover was on a 90 day mission. Knowing the guys and gals at NASA/JPL they would attempt a hop to the Delta before abandoning the vehicle. Enjoy.

I was thinking the same thing, about the inexplicable absence of the rover photo. But they did finally get around to it. Apparently the JPL team are now discussing how they can best utilize the helicopter when Perseverance begins moving to accomplish its primary mission.

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I remember the popcorn berries!! I was not being disrespectful. That was one of the most profound 3D images in history. Geological phenomenon or a biological influence?

Tried to find the image. A repost would be great!

It seems to me that NASA have already published a picture of rover taken by Ingenuity, check the updates please. And what about the mission itself, I also was worried about the low number of flights, but recently I heard that they decided to extend the mission until August.

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