Close up images at 400x zoom

Hello All, This is my first post here and I would like to ask if I can post a link to a youtube that I have been working on since perseverance started sending images. I do 400x zoom to look for interesting properties in the images. Is it ok to post a youtube link here ? Just thought I’d ask before I post. Thanks all and great forum.

Go. Huston you are go.

Fantastic, thanks for that. I’ve been doing quite a lot of work on this topic since Perseverance began sending images back. I enjoy doing a lot of close up and analysis, just looking for anomalies, and anything interesting that stands out to me. Here’s the link to one of my videos but there are more on the channel that I have done since ‘touch down’. I would appreciate any comments on this and grateful to have found this forum. Mars Perseverance Rover image landscape differences same time stamp


Dust on the lens. Hort were are you son. Keep looking.

This is a teaching forum. Keep posting. You should have seen my early post. Yeez

Defective pixels? Most of the cameras have some. Were pictures taken by same camera?

Welcome towncat glad to have you.

Hi Darwin! It’s nice to meet people with the same interest in understanding the thousands of Perseverance images. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the interest in enhanced and 3D images.
I’m usually quite opinionated but can turn on dime if the facts are there. I’m a retired engineer with an interest but no special knowledge of geology or biology. I agree with the biology (or something equivalent) vs the basalt column analogy of organization. IMO almost all the rocks so far are thrombolites or their remnants. One of the strange things more apparent in recent pictures is that all of the green threads and microspheres forming “leaves” is embedded in what looks like a transparent glass or gel. Has that been sitting there for illions (m or b) years?

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Yes. A lot to look at. Sorry for the delay in responding, had a few medical problems. I’m on the downhill slide. Time for another Martini.

Hey Darwin! There’s a lot of us riding the same sled! I hope your medication works. Mine is cheap Evan Williams. Before I retired I was surrounded with “young earth creationists”. We had a lot discussions and debates. After a vacation when I returned to work I found a big stuffed chimp sitting at may desk with a fake name tag that said “Darwin”. I kept it and it always occupied my desk when when I was on vacation.

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Yep, we all got it coming. I wonder what Hort would have thought of Starship? Will I be around when Dragonfly takes flight on Titan? Not likely. I wish I could have been there, I wish I could have been there for that.