Without consciousness nothing exist. What is real that has no witnesses? A Christian principle.

Consciousness is shared. When two or more are gathered, it's power is increased. This is the real power of the universe. Each person was given this power upon their creation. Think about the awesome power of awareness!

Divide and conquer is the only way to defeat our shared consciousness. They must separate us and make us "believe" we are separate.

An Easter message of truth!

Mars exploration is witness to this fact. Why did we go there?

We went there to find ourselves. If consciousness did not develop on Earth, Mars would never have been known.

It was the biological eye of Earth that saw it. That made it real.

No one spent more time digging in the Mars regolith that me.

The good news is microbial life on Mars does not matter. Consciousness is the gold standard.


People have an individual experience in life. They don't know their grandor.

What a concept. Still looking for some..

It's sad that cosmologist are still looking at rocks. They look only in the realm of visibility. If they can't see it. It doesn't exist.


Microbes nothing. It's just the beginning..

Maybe it will result in holiness..

There is a medical tiriney upon us.the blue states will use their govenors to start the next civil war.

Joan Bias.
The night they drove ol Dixie dowo.

Old dogs and children and watermelon wine.

This tiime she gave me a mountain. A great song from Elvis.

A discussion of consciousness would not be complete without a discussion of altered consciousness.

Drugs. Legal and illegal, are used. There is a battle between reallity and illusions. This conflict can never be reconciled. It is the spiritual battle between what is true and what is false. Knowledge will exasturbate this disturbance.

Drugs including alchcol produce a temporary state of equalibrium and euphoria. This self medication can result in premature death.

This altered state, for a while makes everything allright...


Huston, signing off...


Very Interesting! What about the Quantum Theories and Biocentrism? What about new technologies based on QT?