crater lake

whats with the dark shaded areas on the north east crater wall? I cant explain them, can anyone help me here?

sorry, im not internet savy enough to figure the pictures out, could someone post the picture a little larger for the thread?


I suspect - looking at the hi-res 3D versions available on the ESA website - that they're rock ledges and overhanfgs casting shadows. The light is coming from the right hand side of the image, from a shallow angle, and the shadows seem to be being cast by jagged ledges and escarpments. VERY impressive on the 3D versions, you should take a look! :-)

Crater lake is a national park i am researching on for school i find it very beautiful and I've hear that they've been wanting to use it to build things. I just started learning about national parks and this one caught my attention its clear water should be appreciated