Deep craters

I read that there are deep craters on Mars. I forgot what the depth of one of these craters is, but it is much deeper than any crater the rover has passed. It is speculated that the extreme depth of this crater make it possible for the air pressure to be more than on the surface. Again, speculation that the atmosphere could be closer to the atmosphere on earth. There is so much misinformation about Mars, that my first question is, are there really deep craters on Mars. This is one of few websites that is not a conspiracy website. It is actually science driven site, so I would appreciate if anyone can answer this question. Also, if it is possible that a crater can be extremely deep, is there a possibility that the speculation that the atmosphere would be different than the surface? If all of these are possibilities, is it possible to measure the atmospheric pressure on a future rover mission? Since the rover will not be able to travel to the extreme depth because of the terrain, is it possible for the rover to drop some type of instrument into the crater that would be able to measure and transmit data back to the rover and the rover can transmit data back to earth? If this entire scenario sounds ridiculous, please tell me it is. I won't be surprised. Thanks.

We have a ton of stuff to discover about Mars.Shure, deep metor craters. why not. We already have lava tube tunnels....the chance of being made into a habitat makes these very interesting....still.....Elon Musk seems worried that he may never get there, interesting.....Space,,,the Final Frontier.,,, Hello Jim..... on this forum messages sometimes (most times),,move slow..ive been here decades..seen it from the start..yes pure science here.(or at least we try). although none of us know enough...Welcome..

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Hellas Basin located in the southern hemisphere of Mars is the largest known impact created in the solar system.

The average atmospheric pressure on Mars is 7 millibars. In the basin pressures average 13 millibars.


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Who's gonna tak u 2 Mars?...Darwin...

Who's gonna take u 2 Mars?...Darwin...


Appropriate for the deep craters topic, the rocks hundreds of feet below the ocean bedrock solid surface of the Pacific on Earth. Various locations discussed, various microbe types, various energy and 'nutrient' types.
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