Do You Think NASA Keeps the Good Stuff, Check this Out.

This is from the Curiosity web page. WOW! Look at the detail and color! The meteorological detail is stunning. Oh well, maybe in another 10 years we will get another great, PICTURE!

Until then dust of off the image J. Get ready for the 2.5 billion dollar Grayscale jpeg. Haze included.


Get me a bucket. It aint a rock. Yep, I am an old hippie. Where are you Henry.

This forum will rejoice in the jpeg, no disrespect Hort. I bow to you.

Only because you seek what is true. You know we are out here. Those that know. We will always question.


That wind in the pattern is blowing West/North-West isn't it? The slopes are draining debris that direction, but the small crater with a bright rim has a distended pattern opposite. Reversal of wind routinely? Bright crater rim material running down-slope opposing the prevailing wind?
Weather can be deceiving in waves and patterned ordering.
A downdraft at all slopes, possibly?
I don't know the dates and season of the image, nor the numbers.
Serious erosion by 'air' and weather across Gale, especially to the South side of the crater. While much of Sharp central peak mtn. looks suspiciously like large semi-liquid flows, the south sector is deeply channeled by wind streaking erosion.
Nice weather image.

This close-up image of a dust storm on Mars was acquired by the Mars Color Imager instrument on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on Nov. 7, 2007, around 3 p.m. local time on Mars. Scientists working with NASA's Curiosity rover, which is set to land on Mars on Aug. 5 PDT (Aug. 6 EDT), are monitoring Mars each day for similar small storms that could either drift over the landing site or stir up dust that moves as haze over the site.

You watch Fox news, don't you.

"You watch Fox news, don't you?"

No. I don't.

I do watch Fox, buy always knowing a fox on the loose is too small to get me and eat me unless I become unwary and fall asleep on the ground.
The lesson, always remain sharp and alert for attacks and deception, even if it kills us eventually.
Can you imagine an entire nation with no economic records for longer than one or two years of history? And secret accounts 'offshore'? Even Fox agrees.

The dogs are howling on Earth just as the winds of Mars are blowing in a frenzy.
Monetary, versus atmospheric, homeostasis and ordering. Science for the curious.
Curiosity does not watch any TV but it's own reality. A fine improvement by humans on the normal state of noise.
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