Does humanity need Mars colonization?

Does humanity actually need Mars colonization? Elon Musk and Space X invest a lot of resources in Starship and Mars colonization. But as most people know the journey to this planet is not a piece of cake and it is rather dangerous for the crew of the spacecraft. Also, they did not figure out how to solve the fuel issue to get to the red planet and bring the crew back. ( Not even mentioning the harsh environment of the red planet. To prepare the crew for it will be very costly to invent special suits or capsules )


The fuel issue has been resolved. Methane and oxygen can be produced from CO2. To be multi-planetary is evolutionary I suppose. I was always a fan of Darwin.

The evolution of, and merger of, biological life and silicon based life is inevitable. In my opinion we are witnessing this evolution.

The question was great!

Life and time marches 9n.

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I think we need it. Moreover, I advocate for space colonization. Mars is our primary goal, but it’s only a beginning of a new era. All people who participate in this mission are aware of the danger. Sometimes big achievements require loss of life and we can do nothing with it. I hope that Mars mission won’t cost us the lives of astronauts…


I support Mars exploration campeign. I am so impressed with the results of Perseverance mission and Ingenuity helicopter. But taking into consideration the colonization of the red planet I guess it would be better solve issues on Earth and save its environment


That was an esoteric question.

That was one of the songs I truly enjoyed creating impropmtu. It was a few minutes of wisdom and a classic study of country life. We live that life on Earth. For most of us life is what we are given or expected to perform, and the personalized adjustments we make while living the life we are directed towards. The accommodation of the vast expense of finding what this solar system is cannot be performed without manned travel in small numbers.
Most all the planetary bodies are deadly to us, and as with all extended exploration we know we are both brave and beyond the routine.
Every hero exploring makes the adjustments to bring maximum returns on the dangerous investments which are ‘astronomical’.
If we can find the answers with a few percent of the gross domestic product about weather control possibilities, methods of using carbon dioxide and methane to produce value from the endangering presence of waste materials that might be more powerful than our society capabilities, we might turn the Earth into a sustaining device for our long term use.
The alternative to finding a full knowledge of the solar system processes would be to continue to study and maintain Earth as a ‘space station’ for our use.
With the comparisons we observe while exploring we give ourselves the wisdom and breadth of stable thinking with alternatives enlarging the matrix we use to solve problems.
We traveled to each country and social orders and the result is a system of many options.
We are now reordering the Periodic Table after new understandings.
We are designing methods of converting methane and CO2 into products of value.
I use the classic plastic zip-lock bag every day. All over the world persons have the same solution, a ziplock bag if they need to protect something from the nearby environment.
I have friends that use solar power for their homes and trailers.
They use a product ignored by most and use it to bring value to their lives.
If one hundred persons test the designs of a thousand or a hundred thousand designers following the needs of explorers it gives us items in our hands, like the zip-lock bags I designed in the 1960’s. Someone attatched their name to the products and the hundred thousand designers all wanted to help solve a travelling explorers needs, but the by-product was trillions of zip-lock bags now spreading as trash all over the world.

The one story of a zip-lock bag should be enough wisdom to give us tolerance of long term and highly stressed problem solving.

We spend possibly five percent of our time doing problem solving by design entraining our thoughts and actions.
We spend a third of our time relaxing and renovating our internal home we think with.’
We spend about a third of our time travelling and socializing for personal ‘noise construction’ reasoning and making money or arranged social deals.
We have a valuable resource available with the remaining third of our capabilities and time, a possible building of a problem solving system and a science based process of exploring the space around us, mapping and identifying the objects and materials., solving problems that give the very few distant explorers a safe and comfortable travel there and home again.

I spent far too little of my time giving solutions to this world. I wish this world and society valued the support of those who entrain themselves to solve problems for themselves and others.

Currently there is plenty of capability to get to Mars and other locations to explore and bring a comparitve analysis to our wisdom. We could solve problems on Earth, but the routine is to spend by wasting and destroying as a ‘noise construction’ alternative to problem solving.

We are not far from the roaches and mice that run under our feet.
It seems like noise but their wisdom is to explore and try to pass the time locally.
If they could explore at our travel distances they would have to solve each of the stresses we cope with and we know it will not happen.

The wisdom is knowing time passes on.
We make a lot of noise in our time passing.
Noise can keep us busy for thousands of years.
We can solve problems with nearly a third of our time and efforts.
We can also spend out the time doing repetitious noise as we choose.
This planet cannot solve our problems. Only we can solve our problems and the problems of other explorers.

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Can’t see the post. Chemo is a bitch

Did not know you were the target of the treatment, let me know what you need at times. I have the email account for the eyeglasses and you can send there any personal communications.
That subject is about 30% of what we expect. After all the chemistry I absorbed and processes and even ingested I still have only RA to complain about. Eventually it will come to visit me as well.

I was trying to lecture poeple generally to stay on a course of education, for the self and for others, in the post. I try to predict the future about 6 months or more in advance.

Mars appears to be not well differentiated and not concentrated as valuable minerals and chemicals. It is needed for a time line reference.

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Just got back home. Feel good. Maybe a year or two. Good to be reading and posting.

Thank you Dana for your support. love you to man.

Science news says that solar panel output of INSighr is dropping ,due to dust on panels… less than 25 per cent. SO we have a Mole device about 3 meters away and its main function. Is to vibrate…so relocate Mole to ontop of a solar panel to shake shit loose.

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It does appear the cleaning events are less numerus here.

Welcome to the Mars Rover Blogg. Lot of old folks here. That means we have been doing this awhile.
Curiously winds gust to 30 mph . Maybe too much is not good…

PS, it’s a lost cause. Why? Rocks.

I believe it thrusts too harshly for that, as the panels are at far below zero temperatures and are very breakable objects particularly with the large umbrella size and thin framing. I agree a similar process should be incorporated into the design. Possibly a fine threaded brush on an arm, and an arm is available currently.
The panels show long term potential if the cleaning were possible.
It would be nice to see some detailing closeups of the rocks under and around the deck. One of the big problems is the very faint amplitude of the Marsquake shocks being recorded, that necessitates they not use equipment until it is crucial. Vibration of the wind dwarfs the quakes, and I haven;t read of an explanation for the two cycles per second magnetic noise on the recordings.
I would like to see the weather recordings after this lengthy a delay, and an opportunity to view the weather as freely as the raw images displayed.

I appreciate your contributing, there are only a few persons being effortful making the missions make sense of the public releases of raw imaging and technical data. This is good decade for space missions, a lot of information to comment on.
An arm mounted brush with a vibrator on the brush might work? The brush could be mounted on the deck, with a program to make the process automated?

Basically we are describing here a broom or a brush. It is great to get a response. Good.

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The small vibrating motors for cell phones might be efficient on Mars as the solids seem to not adhere in the dry atmosphere there. A brush would probably fall apart in the deep winter cold, but the energy of vibrator motion might be more efficient than repeated strokes of frozen brush fibers.

It’s not a question of Does humanity need to colonize Mars. Life does.

Your question made me remember a quote:
We can’t go to Mars until we fix everything on Earth
And I totally agree with this statement, because if we can’t manage ourselves on Earth then we won’t be able to build anything useful on Mars