Does humanity need Mars colonization?

Does humanity actually need Mars colonization? Elon Musk and Space X invest a lot of resources in Starship and Mars colonization. But as most people know the journey to this planet is not a piece of cake and it is rather dangerous for the crew of the spacecraft. Also, they did not figure out how to solve the fuel issue to get to the red planet and bring the crew back. ( Not even mentioning the harsh environment of the red planet. To prepare the crew for it will be very costly to invent special suits or capsules )


The fuel issue has been resolved. Methane and oxygen can be produced from CO2. To be multi-planetary is evolutionary I suppose. I was always a fan of Darwin.

The evolution of, and merger of, biological life and silicon based life is inevitable. In my opinion we are witnessing this evolution.

The question was great!

Life and time marches 9n.

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I think we need it. Moreover, I advocate for space colonization. Mars is our primary goal, but it’s only a beginning of a new era. All people who participate in this mission are aware of the danger. Sometimes big achievements require loss of life and we can do nothing with it. I hope that Mars mission won’t cost us the lives of astronauts…


I support Mars exploration campeign. I am so impressed with the results of Perseverance mission and Ingenuity helicopter. But taking into consideration the colonization of the red planet I guess it would be better solve issues on Earth and save its environment


That was an esoteric question.