Example of Forum Rules

Here's an example of the mature way of handling any posting problems:

All posts must follow these rules:

1) No offensive language
2) No derrogatory comments to other's beliefs
3) No images of rocks or anything else with 90 degree, 45 degree or other geometry suggesting artificial construction.
4) No suggestion whatsoever of life, primitive or advanced implied by the images

Rules like that are easily followed and people know up front what can and can't be posted.

Is that so hard to do?

where can I sign this petition?

I'm sorry, but justice will just have to catch up with the National Geographic channel.

We have this already. It's called the Mars Geology Forum.



Come on people
If you look here http://www.markcarey.com/mars/
There is the issue of our billboard which displays the latest post in the forums. If people who are surfing to find MER info and run across something like Mars Outhouse building.. The surfer is going to believe he has found one of many crackpot sites that have no scientific value whatsoever.
If you are going to make such a claim, please do it somewhere else.
Thats not to say that there are not rocks that look like an outhouse. ie. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2004-4/710339/cropped2P134184597EFF2400P2372L5M1.jpg
The title is very important but so is content.
Way out claims will be moved (or preferably started) In the against the mainstream forum.
What many people get tired of is multiple new threads about similar material. Multiple names are also a pain. My real name is Richard and I am quite proud to only post under my name. Why not you?

It seems you are avoiding having to directly list rules. Because you can't without revealing your true fears. You simply cannot list the rules. I see you running around in a circle around something you simply cannot address or face.

Prove your words have any meaning and list some rules.

What if people just posted an image and said "This is a strange rock". Would that be fine with your sensibilities?

rw...do you not detect the sarcasm in the OP's post?

The problem with having a mainstream/against the mainstream dichotomy, as I see it, is the risk that never the twain shall meet, and that is counter-productive and lends itself to perpetuating pre-conceived beliefs and ideas.

FMR...very good point about the main page.

I didn't realize the Open Forum threads were displayed there.

I think we should agree w/ SCOTUS on this issue. ie FMR(and others) will know the far-out/against the mainstream claims when they see them.

I'm sorry, but justice will just have to catch up with the National Geographic channel.

What many people get tired of is multiple new threads about similar material. Multiple names are also a pain. My real name is Richard and I am quite proud to only post under my name. Why not you?

This is the biggest crap I've heard till now.

How many times Rockers in here have used anonymity to hide themself and how many times they've started similar stupid offensive threads?

Richard, you are getting very ridicolous in order to save the situation...

Oh well, I post as anonymous, but since our Stalin Moderator (yes, that one was a great label for you...) in here seems to break even the simplest rules of good behaviour - that is, spoofing IPs - there is no problem on detecting me.

This is the most ridicolous and less open forum around the web.
With the most affectable Moderator ever seen.
Be sure of that!

Just list some rules. It's that simple.

Isn't it?

How about: Please keep discussions about possible Martian civilizations (and their artifacts) and the possibility of advanced Martian lifeform (and their fossils) in the Biology forum.

I suggested it last year... but no one seemed to like the suggestion. Perhaps is an idea whose time has come...

Not trying to add to your troubles Richard... just a suggestion...

The problem is that to some people, anything from biofilms to waffle-irons on Mars are considered to be "out there" and "against the mainstream".



I second that motion, Daniel. Let's merge the Mars Biology and Against the Mainstream forums.



Nice slam Daniel. Sneak one in when you can.

Its simple as Richard stated.

A few SPAMMED the blog with the SAME TOPIC.

Highjacking and spamming are not cool.

It was handled previously by some jailtime.
Could have been delt with in the same way.

RULES! use some frikkin common sense.

Let's see the rules.

What slam? How did I sneak it in? My views on this I thought were known by everyone... I brought it up last year - everyone disliked it, and I didn't bring it up again.

It must not be "common" sense if a bunch of posters apparently don't get it.

What does Metal from a lost civilization, have to do with biology?

Personally, if someone wants to post satalite images of lost cities or mines in the open forum, that would have been fine.

BUT Just ONe Thread, not a dozen.

You can't force posters to restrict themselves to one thread. I don't personally care if someone wants to start ONE thread on it either....

But since it doesn't appear to that all visitors to this site have that kind of self-restraint, why not put all discussion of that nature into a sub-forum?

If the forum software allowed sticky threads, I'd say put one up in the open forum... but since it doesn't, thats not an option.

Hi Marsman

re. reply 12.

They are already merged. Just read the descriptions of the two fora. There is no real difference between the two. Thus, your posts that explore the possibility that berries might be fossils would be against the mainstream and could properly be placed in either that forum or the biology forum. However, posts on rocks that are claimed to resemble outhouses cannot go in the geology forum but must be placed in the biology or the "...mainstream" forum, as, I presume, outhouses carry a whiff of life and should properly be in biology.

The "rock types" would have succeeded in having their wish for a pure and pristine "geology" forum, untrammelled by intrusions from lesser mortals for the anointed rock types and there would be 3 other (count them) equal but lesser fora for the other posters. I hope they do not continue to provoke the "out of the mainstream" posters in our new reservations.

I've seen some positive signs of compromise over the past day or so but I really agree with Justice and MarsGal that there is a need for better and clearer definitions of what can and can't be posted in each fora, encapsulated on the banner of each fora. In that regard, Ustrax's graphics could be very useful in giving a new look and direction to the whole forum.

I think that the additional forum is a very good idea and I congratulate FMR for instituting it but I think he has to go a bit further to maintain the excellence of this MC blog without having to spend too many extra hours in monitoring posts, etc.

If the Biology and "beyond the mainstream" fora have essentially the same description, why separate them. I don't think our recent problems were caused by any posts in the biology forum. The unchanged description of the Open forum will allow a recurrence of the recent problems with new or malicious posters as soon as FMR's diligence slips. Proper definitions of what is allowed in each fora would go a long way to obviating such problems in the future.


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