Eyes on the Earth- an education in a window

The interactive Earth globe used to display the various Earth orbiting satellites is a visual enticement and worth a study.
The subsequent linked and interactive data displays transfigured to a global Earth science education is worth a semester of careful study.
Eyes on the EarthI will present a few stills from the global Grace satellite gravity field mapping to show the type of educational integrated information which lies just beyond the initial view.
Any study of Mars will be enhanced by a close study of this active planetary geology educational showcase.

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A few views of stills extracted from the interactive global display of the Grace gravity field mapping satellite. The selection of visual detailing is on the left of the Earth globe, and I selected global on the right buttons, and 'no relief' from the left side buttons.
These are the North polar view, the South polar view, and a combined anigif display from a satellite perspective giving a view through a translucent Earth, colored and showing both the polar gravity field structures, and , the continental ordered landmasses which complement each other on opposing sides, and along much of the temperate and equatorial regions.
The degree of north/south complementary high/low gravity contrast along the extended lobes from the circumpolar toward the equator is a near full system of interaction from north to south.
We see a equatorial offset in alignment in photo views of the continental masses and the mid-ocean ridges. This view of the complementing of high to low between poles gives a similar effect of offset.
A view of the two poles in a frame. Hopefully the authors of the site will have a well produced version of this view someday soon. This is my quick assembly, and not as precise as the originals.

Anigif display of overlay North/South polar views at 1.1 second first, then at 0.25 seconds timing in the second anigif image set.


Still views, same polar image views.



We need this availability for the planet Mars next.
Dozens of viewpoints carry valuable information not found elsewhere, with this particular satellite, and, the same is true with the many other data collection Earth bound satellites on this site.

credits, original images, from NASA/JPL/Caltech and Victor Zlotnicki

Any information from these still out-takes should be sought and confirmed in the interactive globe display original data. dana johnson

The GRACE satellite gives us a detailed view of one of the causes of the major planet-wide Earthquakes of the most numerous type(s).
Here I have combined the 'Eyes On The Earth' 3D global view of satellite measurements of gravitational fields lines, with an overlay of the weeks Earthquakes over 4.8 magnitude, both on the near side hemisphere, and alternatively as a three dimensional globe, translucently, directly through the Earth sphere from a satellite distant viewpoint.
These are mostly animated GIF file type images again, and a short observation time is required to allow the full 'play' of the multiple sequenced images, so be a little patient after clicking a link, or downloading them,and then watching the apparent motion in the multiple frames.
The Earthquakes are the rings fixed in placements, and the satellite information is the colored linear formations of gravity anomolous strength variations.

1 second timing above, GIF.

0.3 second timing per image, GIF, animated also.
Below, 0.5 second animated, same images.


Below is a view of the Earthquakes only, without the satellite data added. The animations show the near side hemisphere, of the Far East, Pacific section of the Ring of Fire, with the recent srong Japan 9.0 magnitude location as the wite ringed location in the three linear strings of earthquakes which follow the North-South latitude lines.These linear formations as seen in the satellite information is a pattern of gravity field strength location limiting patterned earthquake formations which are standard in the Asian region of the globe.

Same information, slightly differing timing follows.


Can anyone gesture a solution to the reversal of magnetic field, north to south and repeatedly, connected to the obvious fact of the gravity field being a offset pattern of high to low strain applied to the globe of any planetary body, in the long term effects?
We see a pattern on Earth easy to see, and on Mars there could be an easy to observe pattern at least partly visible from more active potential periods when movement between portions of Mars exposed crust was actively changing.
We design poly-phase motors for added strength in spin, the relatively similar effects on Earth viewable with the flexing available near the surface.

Even the local rainwater runoff is possibly viewable in the last weeks smaller earthquakes across the U.S. I'll issue a image of that next.

A strong increase in worldwide earthquakes happened last week, with the New Zealand area activity, and a linear pattern across the middle U.S.
We had a record number of medium to minor earthquakes in Oklahoma, within a few dozen miles of my home. I'll show that as well next. The action was obvious from California to Haiti along a near East to West line, with a slight diagonal angling following the usual diagonal associated with equatorial differential impulse follow-along.

We are accustomed to seeing earthquakes in California, but this is a particularly broad coverage for the state last week. There were multiple unusual earthquakes in Nevada alongside the California quakes. All were minor- below 5.0 magnitude, and they were accompanied by several earthquakes at river passages in the other sectors of the U.S.
One in the northeast, one in the southeast, and one near Yellowstone in the northwest of the U.S.
The anigif shows the rivers in periodic display repeats. The smaller earthquakes in the singular locations at the various sectors of the U.S. were along the river passages. The week was one of several recently that were heavy in rainfall across broad portions of the U.S. The water runoff weight and regional added ballast may be the reason for the local singular quakes at river interaction points.
It is unusual for any earthquakes across the U.S. other than California, Alabama, or Oklahoma. There are minor earthquakes in Yellowstone at times, and this was one of those weeks. The river non-the-less does pass through the location of the quake.
The dates were April 11 to 18, 2013.


The Oklahoma earthquakes were from 4.7 to very small, and were a record number in a weeks timing, most falling one a one to two day period, the past week.
A still view of the U.S. earthquakes as seen in the anigif, without the rivers displayed. Two JPG's.

A view of the same period with the rivers displayed. This record is much easier to understand with an animated GIF sequence if you can view them. You should view all my images in the 'enlarged' size either by clicking the image to enlarge it, or, downloading it to your machines. The icon for enlarging is in the upper right of the image using a mouse cursor to activate the 'switch'. Downloading is possible by mouse right clicking or by software choices.


A view of the earthquakes for the western hemisphere from April 18 to 23, 2013.
The very active linear assembly across the U.S. continent was unusual.
There is a trending low gravity field structure across the U.S. below this line of quakes, and it is fairly stable as a structure with a slight northwest to southeast diagonal trend, with few earthquakes between the line of quakes in the mid U.S., and the entire Gulf of Mexico circular structure at the bottom of the U.S. continent.
The Gulf is noticeably quiet with almost no seismic activity recorded. Some of that is caused apparently by the fluidity of the salt structures and layered, water adjusted built-up assemblies within the basin. There may be other reasoning for the circular process of the Gulf of Mexico, as the smaller rare earthquakes at times form a near perfect circular structure around the northern section of the land shoreline of the Gulf waters. It is curious that the shape is so circular. This weeks activity did not occur along that circle, but was a near straight line across the U.S. continent.
Below the Gulf, there were stronger earthquakes in a near east to west line, across the more active Central American zone, extending to the very common quakes of Haiti.
Below that line was a routine series of moderate earthquakes in the South American activity zone.
The dates for this image is April 16 to 23, 2013. The dates for these series of images are overlapping in dates.

I found the river occurrences worth mentioning as they appear to be related to local weather across the U.S and water river runoff there, except for the Oklahoma earthquakes that were active for other undetermined reasons. Many suggest 'fracking' injection of chemistry or water as the reasons for local Oklahoma smaller earthquakes, with local oil pumping of reserves causing huge loss of fill volume in the oil chambers underground, but it is not settled as a cause as yet.Local water is pumped from chambers below ground without replenishment as well, in huge volume, and that is another understood possible cause of small earthquakes. Other actions, such as the California to Oklahoma to Haiti activity cycle of a 24 hour timing sequence does exist, and was present during the past two weeks, so, no particular cause is yet obvious separated from any other cause. Unknown causes are also possible.
Seeing the several linear activity zones of the images shows possibly the mid-U.S. continent could have a activity zone only periodically visible, for non-local reasons.
We have only watched earthquake patterns accurately for a few dozen years.
We have only the past couple of years had access to detailed recording of the Earth's gravity field.
It might take a few decades or a full century to know the actual story of patterned activity.



Water runoff and river passage earthquakes may be as erosion active as the surface effects of the fluid on the rocks and soil.
Water table processes such as permafrost forcing and mineral alterations may be as effective as the surface effects. This may be, or may have been, even more true on Mars.

The images were not taken from the 'Eyes On The Earth' website display. These were from the Earthquake 3D program available free of charge on the Internet at Wolton.net. This program works well in combination with the satellite website display, as both show global recording of earth science recent processes.

Hopefully both programs can provide a base of knowledge to allow Mars geology to be interpreted with more accuracy.

In past years I have dropped images of earthquake patterns and gravity pattern timed views in other subjects, without a consistent trail of links or subject continuity. This 2017 view of earthquake patterns will be added in hope that we can find Eyes on the Earth satellite information to compare to this important fixed view.
I have discussed the apparent similarity of this fixed point of reference view from space as a 'lissajous' type pattern.
The active week of September 22 to 29, 2017, shows the obvious distinct shape as we view the Earth in transparent form, the two hemispheres allowed to combine the earthquakes for a weeks timing.
Several writers on the blog have discounted the possibility of viewing this pattern as a single item of information, or, have discounted the possibility that the Earth can present information in this technique and with this interpretive summation. I am sure this is both real and a simple information object of consequence and value.
Perhaps someone can argue against the possibility or the appearance as I am describing the pattern. I is a repeat pattern and stable in periodic display. Other patterns are very obvious using the same technique of viewing, and they are stable and periodic depending on seismic activity levels worldwide.

A JPG view first, and a GIF view following.


Among the hundred or more studies making reference to these polar differentiated opposing belts of gravimetric shear aligned on opposing equatorial limited bands North and South, the descriptions are now acknowledging the links to the Ring of Fire, major tectonic adjustment earthquake processes, and even diagrams showing the North/South polar offset, yet no real offer of an explanation for the obvious totality of the clearly seen mechanism involved.
It has been years, yet the link of both Earth and Mars gravity patterns is not even broached.
Science is a slow process.

The accumulation of the estimates for better research efforts is building an Earth based model.

EOS of September 2019, on page 35 shows a polar detailed graphic matching the prior posted images I made in 2011 and after.


Related rotating 3D visualization of the measured effects of the structural process which is best viewed from a polar alignment, but which matches the major earthquake province activity.


Related to the graphics at replies #1 and #2.

Yet another article detailing the two zones around which the active tectonics polar aligned gravity shear patterns produce earthquakes all well organized and dependent upon the two zones.
The graphic in this article could be combined with those I have shown here to produce a fuller display of the clear singular pattern.
In the image where I show the 3D transparent view of Earth with all substantial earthquakes combined at reply 5, the dual hotspots would fit on the right and left sides of the lissajous pattern.
All full explanation of the current state of plate tectonics displayed at the crust to core. A single cause and effect. What is the significance of the lissajous pattern being singular in geometric viewpoint? A special orientation, with polar reference to the equator. Are there other viewpoints mode orderly?





A still from the animated view of the dual core zones matches the lissajous type pattern precisely, and the researchers mapped the edges of the zones partly in that way.
I have a capture but have attempt permission to show the image currently.


With all the obvious details I have shown in this topic over a few years, here is a puzzle piece to be registered with those details, based upon a presumption of temperature stress along the major tectonics activity lines.
Would a planets surface show sufficient temperature stresses along the polar gravity standing wave patterns or other linear causes of the 'Ring of Fire' basic pattern to add smaller tectonics sections to the primary pattern I have shown from the Eyes on the Earth 3D' imaging overlay?
Is temperature an additional cause of the planetwide pattern?


An active Earthquake listing system with a mobile globe, a free version of the Eq3D program, and a paid version is available.
Somewhere in the postings here was link to the program, and this is a copy of the same address.

Live feed for the active globe online.


The various program types, and related information.


Updated “Eyes” software from NASA related groups, as it has been altered from the single mobile globe progrom.

When I built the original animated GIFs of the Earth’s gravity structure and the polar oriented viewpoint of the hemispheric offsets of variations. a very important planetary/tectonics/water/ice/weather/spin based process, it was possible to produce actual science hidden within the information supplied.
An allowance for science discovery beyond casual consumption of imagery.

Dana, I’m sorry you are way over our head. You must use the KISS method. A common term for us regular folk. No disrespect intended. Nevertheless, keep it simple stupid.

Frankly, the KISS method is one of the varied absconsion economic methods used to strip the poor and workers of their cash through abstruse details and it produces ‘blind alley’ effects causing failures of personality of that group. I want all persons to be empowered and functional, therefore very complex, complete, and powerful. The more complex and predictable, the more healthy minded. Dangerous thinking but an improved basis of science for the sum of society.
An outline is necessary, I can agree.

A link for the current gravity display available on the website. Notice the Earth-based hemispheric offset of our water/ice/tectonics system. This is well hidden on Mars, but the similar system would exist if the conditions were similar on Mars. Mars has a system, more cryptic and should be studied and analyzed.



Here is a sample of the records available. Many apps and pages for videos and information. Some relief from the rocks and dunes of Mars, and a tool for imagining Mars in a very ancient timing.

This image I made from the Eq3D program details is very real as I showed it on Oct. 2017, and yet I was assessed in hostile terms during that period, by professional science persons on the blog and elsewhere, eventually being blocked and eliminated by Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook as a technique of silencing the citizen science persons around the world. I have never even received an acknowledgement of the event as it occurred then and afterward.
Science, whatever the source, is important socially.
I shall never KISS the rear of wealthy pseudoscience and the techniques used to deprive and deprave the poor and the elderly/disabled. Watch the show and don’t punch my buttons. When I sing nearly everyone cringes. Hello Mr. Zuckerberg/McConnell. We can and will block vote in response. Perhaps I am too simple again. Thanks Darwin for waking my memory of those years when the ‘blind alleys’ were being dominant.

This image relates to the LLSVP’s along the equatorial zone, and is related to the gravity field structure imaged in the satellite information as shown in the animated GIFs in other postings here. I am referring to the aniGIF’s of entry #3 on this topic. Thank you again.

Dozens of related research sources for back walking the subject in time.

We diverge. The KISS method does not obscure truth with abstract details.

Simple: definition

easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

“a simple solution”

Did not mean to hit a political button. If you want to prosue this point, start a thread .

Long after I suggested the ULVZ’s may be related as a record of a ‘spalling’ event, resulting in the Earth’s Moon, we have a professional judgement that it is a likely process as possible.
The authors seem to have left out the aspect I have presented as real science the apparent matching ‘lissajous’ earthquake patterns over short periods of timing. The pattern is clearly matching the equatorial aligned display of the source of the cause of the visual pattern. A structure as primary as the ULVZ’s would probably be conditioned by the deep convection and tectonics shallow activities, however the more probable action would be the effects upon shallow tectonics by the deep ULVZ primordial source and details.

As the Moon and the ULVZ’s are are ancient and the ‘lissajour’ apparent recording is temporal and recent, the ordering would be presumed to be a deep spalling process and residual effect at the surface.

I believe the actual process is more basic than described, and related to
physics more than physical actions. The fact that the apparent pattern is ‘out of phase’ withe the ULVZ’s in a short period rotational expression and recorded timing seems a clue, with the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ activity aligned with the translated visual evidence.
We did not get television from simplicity, we got it from evidence accumulated over short periods of timing and a particular point of view.

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Graphics not previously presented here, the gravity features of Mars as a globe, North polar and South Polar views alternating, showing nearly as close a correlation between Earth’s similar polar isostatic compensation and here the Mars polar view.

An anigif of 1.6 seconds, two views in overlay, 600x60.


DOI link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.icarus.2016.02.050