Face of Humans Born on Mars

Think about the future, a few decades from now or half a century from now, humans living on Mars will not be inconceivable—we will be building houses, getting around in space vehicles, exploring underground for resources and producing the first generation of Martian humans (MH) .

What would the faces of these humans born on Mars look like?

Traveling in thoughts about human colonization on other planets - which earned me a nice FIRE - I decided to put this into art.

See my Born on Mars collection: https://opensea.io/collection/borns-on-mars

This first Martian Human is called XY M-1. Read the art description and you will understand the exotic name.

Note: Anyone who buys any art from the collection will be part of a club (still in development) on Mars in the metaverse. And I’ll even get a piece of my clothing brand in the XMars metaverse (also in development) when it’s released.