Fare well

Looks like its over. Many people have been posting here for more than a decade. Some who were here from the beginning are no longer with us. As a scientist I found it doubtful that any part of us continues to exist in some form after we are gone, but if it does, is it not so for the rovers? And if that can be, perhaps there is some metaphysical corner of existence where they all live on together.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

I suspect there is much more for us to discuss the next few years. INSIGHT, faster transmission for the next orbiter, 2020, and more, will while not solving riddles left in passage at least give us basic detailed information.
A lander similar to INSIGHT near fields of small cones, such as Cydonia region might be a valuable future mission for a fairly stable heat source to measure and evaluate for recent geologic activity possibly.

OK, Mars was a very small planet. We made an investment and a failure over time does not count against us for that reason.
We haven't failed as yet in the rovers and landers, technology testing, and perfecting a technique of sending small fleets of future designs.
This is the current state of efforts to find extreme life forms, but it does sit in our own yard.


Imagine all the new technology on the way for future rovers, landers, and orbiters. A quiet conversation along the way is good for all.


You can not survive without an image guy...

Certainly the process of Mars research will continue, with the passing of our persons.


In the above link no mention of the clear 'removal' process which caused the evacuation of alternating layers in the assembled terrain at Gale crater shown by Curiosity.

Much needs to be adjusted in new research which can only be done as disparate groups such as this blog.

Looks like NASA has called id. RIP dear friends all.

I haven't been to the forum for a very long time but had to swing by to say goodbye to oppy and say thanks for the fun times image processing/ or studying the hard work of posters like HortonHeardaWho. All the best.


Can't believe you do not want to discuss the occasional impacts and other tremors that will be recorded. The weather may seem boring compared to a pressurized atmosphere that carries a large volume of moisture, but if we were sitting in a U.S. desert in the summer, we would get a seemingly boring majority of daily experiences.
Several days of shifted wind direction from INSIGHT this week, sols 82,83,84. An understanding that the daily trend is somewhat stable by the hour, and high temperatures close to the freezing point in the northern winter on a day(within 12 degrees F).
Finding minerals and unusual activity is just beginning. Hope you have a warm place to stay, and our easy lives on Earth will be fulfilling our expectations, hopefully.
I plan to look for micro crystals and 'sand worm' activity, as well as small recent cones and flows.
The imaging techniques used were a real asset and were developed by not just a few, but used well by those committed to the available technology limits. I am pleased that they worked as planned. Horton used them particularly well. Many others designed the processes.

This forum has a record since "Spirit" landed on Mars back in January 4, 2004. I've done lot work to read this history later now here. I was also active since the first lines about "Spirit" was written here. All I can say, this is indeed a remarkable place, and must NEVER be deleted from Internet. Guys an gals, we have a remarkable story here!

Go on!

yes.... Thanks for all the fish. 42

This truly is a new era in space exploration, where the daily results of landers and rovers are nearly live in returns available for personal use by individuals. It is a place in time where new science is found and discussed with great variable interpretation by common persons and professionals. It is not over.
Republicans and Democrats have apparently agreed that the U.S. contribution, while changing to partial private investment, is still a cornerstone of industrial drive and innovation. Nice to see the non-military use of the greatest resource humans have. How will we ever side-step 'gravity' as a science?
Have you noticed the daily returns for INSIGHT weather on sol 103 records the highest average temperature for a week as the lowest high temperature day and the highest low temperature combined in a single day? It was just after a swing from the SW to WNW in a wind which was the highest speed average in a weeks time. A record of second by second timing would be required to explain the incident day. New types of weather science, or a simple 'storm' of Martian characteristics?
Hope some of you are able to decipher the weather for me along the way to keep this blog active for another fifteen years.37-45