Finalized Evidence


Read this as you dream about the possibility of life on other worlds...for the events that ravaged the Earth 65 million years ago brought about life as we know it and are still in it.

In order for life [or intelligent life if you will] on other planets to exist, their planet containing similar early flora and fauna must go through similar havoc to bring about similar circumstances for their own life to be known so that we know them! They must surely go through a transformation of their own 'DNA' and evolve from quadra-peds to bi-peds like us...wouldn't you think?

Now>>>does a moons' tidal movements [if there are any habitable planets with moons] come into play on a planet in the habitable zone (HZ) have anything to do with life? [intelligent or not]

Just a few thoughts!

this is my first 'link'...not sure what will post.

The link works fine, I read that article this morning and heard the scientists involved speaking about this impact. It just goes to show that even though for 30 years we have believed an Asteroid killed off the Dinasaurs it is only now we have the proof.

Will it take 30 years to prove findings from Viking, the MER's and Phoenix?

Our Moon is considered to be a vital factor in the stabalisation of our Planet creating and maintaining our tilt thus giving four seasons ideal for plant growth and in turn food for all up and down the chain. The tidal forces create techtonics, it is along these fault lines that early civilisations first settled, water, fertile land and near the sea that was abundant with fish.

Mars appears to have a chaotic axis and the poles have moved over time although in hotter times it must have been in the HZ the life zones on Mars itself must have been shifted from one place to another.

Losing its Electromagnetisphere for whatever reason be it impact or an instable orbit/axis caused the atmosphere to disolve into Space.

Life is created and then evolves as per the conditions that surround it, even to this day we are still finding life forms on Earth deep in the Oceans, in arid deserts and on the Polar Ice Caps that would 10 years ago seem completely far fetched.

Moons are a good place to go as their parent planets give them such stability and like Enceladus potential techtonics where Flumes deep beneath the Tiger Stripes could create and support life.

Blow all the dust off the surface of Mars and beneath are the frozen seas and oceans under which are hotter zones where I think water still flows. If Spirit survives and decides not to rove anymore it could tell us if the core of Mars is liquid or solid and that would be a big find.