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Heres a good one for you E.S. a poor beheaded martian top left, probably eaten by the giant blackheaded frog.:)


It took time :roll:

Could not figure out what it really is.
It is a "frog" statue, broken, made of cement and stones!


e :P s

Had not heard from you for a while.
Are you ok?

I must say I am suprised this picture didn't atract more interest all those great rocks to look at .
Maybe I will post it as my fav picture in the fav picture thread .
Have you still got the large dead animal one Richard I liked that one too.:)
Hey ES whats your favourite ?

Which Large dead animal are you refering to?
This one?

I am OK :-)

I have changed somewhat my approach to the items I consider on my website.
Initially it was "over-optimistic": if something looks like particular object it most probably is.
After using 3D I have discovered that about 30% of my 2D intepretations were incorrect or not proveable.
Now I keep practically only the stuff that can be interpreted with certainty and verified with 3D.
It is still about 100 items!

It is interesting that many "most favorite" items did not pass the new rigorous test!

E :P S

I have a renewed interest in your photos and I did notice some more reasonable descriptions also!
You now have a couple that I even sort of agree with!

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test post five minutes

No thats not the one Richard when I have a little time I will do a search and see if I can find it ,thanks for looking .

Here ya go Dead animal pic.:)

I think, A shell on top of large object is my favorite at the moment. It could not possibly be created by geology or wind. .

The original:


Yep, that is the other one I was thinking of. I still can't understand how this was formed!

Nice one ES what makes you think its a shell though it doesn't look shell shaped to me I presume you mean the thing on top of the largest rock .
There does seem to be quite a lot of odd things lying around but they never seem to get really close up pics of them , I would of thought this would have been easy enough to get in close up its possible to get right next to it .

Richard I see you had allready posted dead animal in the photo page ,Ian pointed it out to me I hadn't noticed due to the comp not liking the thread I just visit and read last post and go without looking at the pictures properly .
I am not sure this post is going to work because I keep getting an error message saying I have posted in the last 30 seconds but I haven't I guess thats why you doing test posts .


On my website there is good 3D of it, a shell on the top.