Forum Moderator: Richard

Hi Everyone,

First, I want to apologize for not being around the forum lately. I have been really busy lately.

Because I don't have the time to administer the forum effectively, I have assigned a moderator to help with these functions.

Active forum members will be familiar with Richard, who had posted frequently in the forums. Richard will be able to delete duplicate threads, edit topic subjects that are too long that they cause display problems, and delete/edit inappropriate messages.

Regarding the latter, I think most you will agree with my opinion that Richard is a proponent of free speech and opinion. I believe he will be fair in this role, and true to the spirit of open dialog.

Generally speaking, I think you, the active forum members should decide the guidlines for appropriate behavior, not me. Here are my opinions of suggested guidelines:

-No abusive or insulting comments. Constructive criticism is fine, but name-calling is childish and I don't think this is the place for it.

-Profanity is okay, to a reasonable limit. This seems like a place for adult discussion.

-Completely off-topic threads and advertising spam should be be deleted

Many people have emailed me recently, expressing their concern about the direction that the forums have taken. I hope that Richard can help address some of those concerns by being an active and fair moderator. As ever, I want this to be a place for open and civilized discussion.

Please join me in welcoming Richard to this new role.

For forum-related issues, you can email Richard at You are welcome to continue to email me as well, though it may take me longer to respond.

Comments and feedback is welcome, as always.

richard? Oh my. Fair and balanced indeed.

Well I for one am glad someone can help clean up the mess that ends up in the open forum.

At the very least maybe Richard can get rid of those weird off-topic threads that popped up over the weekend.

Also - if content does appear to be off the thread topic, I hope it ends up being moved instead of deleted. Hitting the delete button to often on forums, often end up with discussions being stifled.


You are perfect for the job of moderating the comandos here. Fair is easy and balanced is common sense.

Thanks Mark
I look forward to not really having to do much as far as deleting editing inappropriate messages or insulting comments as most people here are very courteous. Some of this has happened in the past and I will be on the lookout for it. Please feel free to inform me of anything you see that I may miss.
I will try and stay on top of things here as much as possible to take care of double posts etc.
I also encourage you all to communicate any concerns or suggestions to either myself or Mark and you are welcome to use my Email address
Yours Truly
Richard Baumeister

With thunderous applause we welcome Richard to carry this burden.

I think this will work out fine. Any chance of creating multiple pages for threads with 20+ replies. Some of these long threads with pictures take a long time to load and are just way too long for one page.


ups, that is a possibility though I have some development work to do to make it work right (not as easy as flipping a switch :) )

I'd say that Richard has been "somewhat" balanced in his posts.

I hope that "open discussion" doesn't become an excuse for the blatant trolling that we saw from the Amalgamation. I think we're seeing over the past few days that he was an outright troll and his presence here was counter productive. Of course, he didn't beleive the claims he made.

In my opinion he alone was the cause of the problem. After he has been gone for a while maybe, other balanced minded people like TR will return.

Congratulations Richard!
I think that you are a great choice.

good choice mark

Congratulations, Richard! :D




My correspondence with you leaves me feeling that nothing can be done should the trolling of the past continue.

The past few days have been less contentious. That is NOT due to the fact that TR has left. It is because the Amalgamation has either left, or tempered down.

You mentioned a set of rules given you by Mark. Is there a reason that all participants can't be made aware of these rules?

Profanity is ok? The fact that this is a forum for adult discussion means profanity is ok? (Adults don't talk like that) But, whatever.......

You also said that participant's identies would be kept confidential. Well, that's fine, but does that mean we're not going to know when someone is creating second and third identities?

Surely, if they create another identity, other participants should be made aware what other names they are using. No one could argue with that, could they? If we're for open discussion, disclose all names you're using. right?

What about the registration issue?

Since you decided to take my answer from your question that you asked me in a private email to the forum I will answer in the forum also.
There really is a short set of rules that I will strictly enforce without asking for the forum's opinion.
1) Anyone using the Forum to advertise a pay site will not be tolerated. The post will be deleted and the user will most likely be banned.
2) Completely off-topic threads will be deleted.
3) Repeated posts whether by error or intentional will be cropped leaving the most active post intact.
That's about it.
As far as profanity , I am against it altogether and feel the use of it denotes a lack of vocabulary on the part of the user.
This may be a topic for a vote on the part of you the users and if you find it to be unacceptable in any form I will then do my best to edit it out, I will leave it to someone to start a thread and a vote. I will keep a Talley and 60% majority will decide the outcome.
I will speak to Mark about registration but as for now it is not on the table. I will let you know if it is a possibility in the future.
As far as trolls and the like I must leave it up to the forum to decide. One or two persons opinions of another's posts must not be the deciding factor for action by me or Mark for that matter. He and I both feel that a majority vote will be required for any action to be taken and I have set a 60% majority rule and I intend to enforce it regardless of my view as I will not participate in the vote
My opinion about multiple identities is that it should not be done but this currently is beyond my control without registration. This may also be a subject for a vote but I would have to speak with Mark as to how he would handle it.

My intention is to keep the conversations civil and free but moderated in a way that is just. You are the jury
Thank you
Richard Baumeister


best of luck.........registration would be a good thing.


Flaps wings.

Monsieur le moderateur...
Ustrax salutes the choice. :wink:

Richard will be fine. The forum is much improved already. I think Richard will try hard to do a good job. And if not we, all of us, will surely raise hell.

Mark Carey,

Could we have a spell-checker?? Please, please, pretty please.


I'm sure Richard will be very conscientious in his role as moderator. Thanks, Richard, for taking on this responsibility.
It is with some dismay, though, that I note reply #3 and reply # 5 are from the same person posting under two different names.

Yes, replys #2 and 5 APPEAR to be the same "person".

I, for one feel that that kind of behavior is among the most bothersome and worthy of censure.

And, yes, thanks Richard for taking this job.