Gale Crater post landing

For future geological/geochemical comments. The MSL forum reflects a brand new crater, a brand new landing and the same old troll :cry:

Mmmm. A number of troll posts have been removed from the MSL forum. Perhaps some common sense prevails after all.

Dang. It went downhill with astounding rapidity.

Check USF for day-to-day details, and we'll flesh them out here.

The MSL fingers-and-toes checkout is interesting.

Oh, and don't forget Oppy!!!


Stop using criminal styled behavior as a substitute for science conversation. We do have some excess personality from many persons, including myself.
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This topic is now no longer about science, geochemistry, geology, and Mars.

Lets resolve this on public television for all to judge.

Dana Johnson. I will be charitable and believe that you did not read Darwin's drunken ramblings before they were removed. Grow up!

I've never been told to grow up on any web site, Serpens.
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This topic belongs in the 'isolation chamber' quarters, and you belong there as well.
Where did you engage in science or geology in the two first entries?

I look forward to seeing the mastcam color images in particular. They will probably try to reproduce the sundial calibration chart then work from there. The video should also be cool.
Already we have some early color images from above and the surface. There are color cameras in two different locations on the rover, we may well see some intriguing rover 'self portraits' in the days ahead.

Here are my initial trails at color balancing the Mastcam images. The first is the famous Sundial and te second is the RTG Generator with the rim hills in the background. These are first level, "natural color" balancing that give reasonably white whites, black blacks and nice tones inbetween. I'll wait til we get more samples for the "Geo-Eye" technical color balance.





Nice sundial shot Bill, bit red shifted on the second though I feel. But balancing is more art than science with the prime objective being to bring out detail. My effort below. What's up with the varied pixelation evident in the sky?

I balanced it for a "correct" RTG and forreground based on the Sundial balance. The distant hills did go awfully dusty, didn't they?

This is a bit more of a "geological" balance, which, on second thought, did go bluish. I think the uneven sky may be the color depth as-created vs as-transmitted vs as-published vs as-mutilated. Who knows til we get to PDF. :wink:



The excavated zone seems quite interesting. As well as clearing the regolith the exhaust seems to have eroded away some of the underlying rock. This would seem to be compacted clastic sedimentary rock, very weakly lithified. On UMSF duricrust was suggested but that doesn't seem to fit what we see.

Curiosity seems to have landed on a small raised area with dry compacted aeolian sediments that overlay any previous water influenced strata. The nearby high inertia fan area is fractured (large scale dessication cracking?. Not sure if this is water influenced lithification that was possibly once covered by the same material that Curiosity sits on, or the same layer that the skycrane exhaust exposed.

The latest tele conference seems to imply that Curiosity will head directly towards Mount Sharp and will not divert to check out the high inertia fan. Fair enough because it is the lower strata of Mount Sharp where the water influenced layers are exposed.

This will be an onteresting area to explore. Mucho diversity. Let's hope that doesn't translate into "more shiny things to driveby".

New update (#4) at HiRISE. New enhanced color imgery of Curiosity and the landing site:


Well two points of real interest. They will be heading east in the first instance so we will get a look at the high thermal inertia fan material. Fan + high thermal inertia probably indicating initial deposition in reasonably deep water and really well lithified rock. Before that they will laser an innocuous little chunk of basalt as a test.

More and more items done on the post-landing checkout.

The more I work with the color Mastcams and especially the grayscale Navcams the more something just doesn't seem quite kosher with them. The color images act almost over-lossy compressed and the grayscale images get get chunky when the histogram is stretched to make them look "good". I'm wondering if these are "early release" images that need to be debugged, or if "we" are getting limited "for public coinsumption only" images on the Raw website. MER truly spoiled us.


There ya go Bill.

Just have to wait and see the analysis results. This is waaaaaay outside the amateur league.

And a pleasure to read this.

The chemcam results with the minor Hydrogen spike could indicate the presence of hydrogen peroxide as proposed.

Yes Serpens (15) Great intro to Gale.

A rare carbonate sulfide spheroid type. Water and even the possibility of both bio and geo association with the zeolite altered materials.
Too much fun to leave this out .

My apologies to you, Serpens, this is the most recently active geo topic, and the link at #18 above was related not to Gale,and the MSL, but to Opportunity and the new spheroids viewed this past week.
After reading your entry #10, I got the impulse to 'mix' the two possible topic locations as we may be finding similar causes at both sites, therefore a careful search for the similar mineral effects seemed appropriate.
The topic image from Opportunity, and a challenge to differentiate the two sites by mineral analysis perhaps?
I place further comments on the other topic line, and let you judge the comparison for any later matches of findings.