HAITI earthquake_North polar view

Attention is turned to the natural disaster of the Haitian earthquake damages of January, 2010.
A society of few natural resources, just able to find a survival in economics, are now enduring the suffering many of us will endure along the Continental margins of the main arc of tectonics movement.
In science perspective, the 7.0+ earthquake is seen as a common event. This is a view of the Haitian Island nation at the top of the image(near the equator), looking down onto the Earth globe directly above the North Pole, in satellite view.
The dark transparent globe addition shows the few South Hemisphere earthquakes are in near perfect alignment with the Northern Hemisphere earthquakes during the 7 day week, January 10 to 16, 2010.

Please take notice of the near to Earth needs of persons confined to a number of Island-Continent life-rafts moving along an 'ocean' of magma. Space and Earth sciences has aided greatly in intervention in some disasters, but we cannot foresee all the events we seek to understand.
Data: USGS Viewed in EQ3D

A satellite elevation view of the Earth with the Haiti earthquake seen as the only 7.0+ event during the week of January 10 to 16, 2010. This view is of the Earth rotated and the polar North at a rather different orientation from the topic image. The bright Pacific Arc of the left side of the topic image is now viewed as a coastline of several continental landmasses unmarked.
I lost image sharpness in making a small equatorial rotating global view of the weeks earthquakes, and it is best viewed as a smaller image in general study of the concentrations of the vast majority of earthquakes along a narrow band of aligned activity globally. These are the routine small to larger earthquakes, however some of the extremely damaging earthquakes are off the most active path of recorded short interval motion adjustments.

A rotating global view, in GIF animated, at 64 color/tones. Image quality is not good.
The general information is shown, with the figures unreadable. Best seen in small size, or downloaded at small size. The image initializes slowly, at about 3.8MB.

As all three initial images are differing in rotational alignment in this topic, please try to adjust your viewing to match the continental reference information.
This third image animation shows the equatorial alignment of earthquakes in a surface view of the near side hemisphere in rotation along the Latitude/Longitude alignment.Some visible information transfer of the important North to South Hemisphere offset of the primary arcs of positioning and stresses can be viewed as the illustrated globe spins. A propensity for an equatorial differential as seen here is similar to diagonals viewed on the visible surface of the Sun and Mars.

An unusual number of local small to medium severity earthquakes are recorded this year in Oklahoma, with earthquakes during the same weeks in the Northern California coastline, and the Gulf of Mexico and extended islands in an apparent alignment of three points over a weeks timing.
The EQ3D (Earthquake 3D) program is available for private use online. It is small and useful in understanding these periodic disasters which affect us.
Data is obtained by the program automatically from the USGS.

Thank you Dana, very interesting animation.
For those of you that have not experienced a 7. Or larger earthquake, it can be very frightening indeed I have been through 5 separate large quakes myself because I grew up in Eureka California where they happen quite frequently. It truly can be said however that earthquakes rarely kill people, Buildings do and this is quite apparent by looking at the damage and death involved in Haiti as compared to the most recent quake in California where no deaths were recorded and very minimal damage was done but the quakes were of comparable size.
I know we all like to think of the Haiti disaster as being a "natural disaster" but truly the lack of proper building codes is the killer. It’s just not right to blame nature for human stupidity.


Satellite images.

Missed your entry in proper timing. I can agree that the damages are largely the product of our human constructions, however we cannot expect the poor to fair well in any natural disaster, as they are nearly all given the offense of denial in equal measures of housing, jobs, pay, and almost all other opportunities. It is the irresponsible human intent to take more for ourselves than we leave for others, in equal pay and equal basic needs that gives these differentials the driving force leading to these mass death counts.
This is a closeup of the Haitian damage area at about a half meter resolution.
In our views of the Mars geology we are viewing at about a meter resolution for common imaging in HiRISE at best. I can resolve items to one foot diameter in many HiRISE images, but it requires a long process, and a target to select. Not all the information becomes available in finely resolving these satellite images.
In this image of the Phoenix lander I was able to resolve the equipment, but the landscape is not resolved in the same way. When motivated we accomplish a great deal, but when choosing to avoidance solutions, we cannot be effective.

A view of the Haiti damage closeup from online sources.
Technology like this can be used on Earth and above other solar system bodies to find either persons, or equipment, and to solve the questions of human affecting this and the other planets. Someday our problem will be pollution of the other planetary bodies, not just our own.
Political boundries mean little to me.