Happy Birthday FMR Richard !!

Now, I can't hold it for myself any longer !

Has other notice that ?

Another birtday on this board the very same day !!

Okay, that's just... like... spooky...!

(cue X-Files music)


That's true? Then happy birthday FM Richard!

Happy Birthday to you Richard! If you insert a 'donation-button' I'll buy you a beer, or whatever it is you drink to relax from the occasional stress you must experience running this place! :D

Happy birthday, Richard ! :D :D :D

Haaappy birthday to youuu, haaaappy birthday tooo youuuu, haapppyyy birthdaaaaaay deaaar Richard, haaaaaaaapppy birthdaaaay toooooooo youuuuuuuuuu!

clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap


Thanks everybody Prefect Card Denmike!!
Because it is my birthday I went to a movie in the middle of the day. War of the worlds was great and I stayed and watched the whole thing even though Tim Robbins was in it. Tom Cruise did a really good job of looking very very scared.
Thanks again for all that everyone does in the forum
Ustrax... Whats for dinner??

Happy B-day Richard.


Happy Birthday, Richard!




Happy birthday for you Richard.



You certainly deserve the very best of birthdays. Thank you for your sincere commitment to this site - I bet NASA employees lurk in the shadows.

happy 14th birthday Richard !

happy birthday :)

(Forgive me for my Gregorian chant happy birthday):

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Misery is in the air,
People dying every where
But Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!

(Okay, I learned this from my in-laws, and I'm sorry if it seems inappropriate today).

Thank you everyone and yes even you Bill C.
By the way, I am 48 today. Getting old is not for sisies!

Happy Birthday, Richard.


Happy Birthday!


Richard, that's an incredible coincidence, brothers with an ocean between us...

I which you a had a perfect birthday and rejoice myself for having such a marvelous moderator on this so special home.

As an offer I've thought about giving you something prior to the amazing days we're living, a chart from the amazing days before this ones...Hope you like it

Oops...missed the offer:


I think not!
Everything is for a reason
7/7 has always been good for me and I am glad to share it with you.
Thank you for the map! very cool