Heat Transfer Coefficient

Does anybody know the range of heat transfer coefficient (h) for Gale crater region ?

Aren't there enough known variables yet to compute it? Explain further please
a joe in texas

shiX... that*** post was asked 2 years ago. Not paying attention down here in south texas,,,,hmmmmmmm

It was hard question. Heat transfer? Now you are getting into my domain. Meteorology.

The short answer is no one knows because we don't have the data.

How may probes have landed there. Zero. How much satilite data from the southern hemisphere has been released, not much.

MOC images produced many anomalies in the southern hemisphere. The conspiracy theorist proclaim it a no-go zone.

They are wrong. Just stupid people. You know how they are.

Please post all the satilite data from this region. We know you have it...


My bad. I was still in Hellas Basin. That being said.

To know this we would need to know thermal profiles at Max heating and cooling, both on the surface and at two meters at the surface.

The Canadian weather instrumentation was a lot like thier government. Didn't produce much...

If it wasn't the Canadians who the heck was it?