I read this forum almost everyday, i am still fasinated, at the whole idea of a remote control car, ON MARS :shock: .

When i log on, most of the links are highlighted in, Red, wich means that i have already been browsing, but i have not. Am i highjacked?, is someone trying to load spam through ME?

One of my posts has just been held, because i post to much, but i have not posted for quite awhile now?

Last week I recovered my newer old substitute computer from a probable EBay coding damage twice, giving me some multiple incident perspective as to what attacks our blogging group here.
Many of my most recent posts were not delayed or held.
Now that I have a single cause identified for one disabling problem, I am placing the complaint to their tech group.
There is a lot of damage waiting to contact us, and I now keep a couple older computers to keep me in contact with others.
This is no longer the simple telephone age, of telegraph audio, now we have hordes of malfeasance types hounding us with multimedia telegraph noise, and even wireless telegraph system language damages.
It certainly is expensive to find the Internet conditioned by under-disciplined opportunists and mistakeful processes.
Would like to help you, but the NASA TV and downloading images has bottle-necked this old machine.
Can we imagine a household of the Twentieth Century with a half dozen standby telephones for contingency use during damaging calls?

Well, after my comments about rapid responses here, a post was delayed, and only upon a later new browser page did I find my post, about a half hour or more later.
Again today, I posted a New Topic, ' Gale Crater Has Many Faces- Curiosity in Progress ', and found also had been 'disappeared' by someone, and yet it appears in the Against The Mainstream forum listing, where I placed it. As I was going to issue a half dozen or more 'alien' type landscape abstracted faces, and discuss life as possible at Gale crater, it seemed the instructed place to list the topic.
Where has it gone, and why is it not posted properly in the main home page topic list?
Some amount of real science was to be included, probably as much accuracy as any current topic, and the intent was to give complement to all other Gale crater/MSL discussions.
Why no notice of 'censured' persons and topics?
Good luck to all in the new MSL project topics, and to you, mann, for the courage to speak freely about all science topics.