Hydrogen leak that grounded shuttle called "mysterious"

[Space.com] is reporting yesterday, that the leak which has grounded space shuttle Endeavour is "mysterious" in origin. The reason is, it keeps popping up, despite numerous attempts to fix the same piece of equipment.

All I can say, is that nothing has been given to me to pass along, except that which has already been revealed.

I will say that I have been getting some vibes regarding the "land of the rising sun" producing the key component being added to the space station during the upcoming mission, however, I haven't been moved to publish the "vibe," which may or may not be of any concern. I'm much more concerned about the need to keep landing in California.

What must also be considered, is the time of the year which the attempt to fly is being made. You saw what happened the last time. Call it a coincidence if you want, but some ["theological arguments"] are not without merit.