I have exciting news!!

...but I can't tell you what it is.

I have been sensored by the mission scientists, they won't let me blog about it. They can be so controlling sometimes! I guess that's why they call it "mission control"...

But they think it's exciting too. So exciting that they are planning press conference in Washington, DC (not at JPL) at 2:00 PM EST. More info here.

I am dying to blog about it. I am really attempted to disobey their orders and tell you right now. But we're blogging on a 1 minute delay, so.... :P

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WHO ARE YOU !?!?!!?!??! a cheater ?!?!?!?

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>I have been sensored by the mission scientists

If you got "sensored" you would have an X-ray burn on your head.


Oh how about a small hint !!

I guess they have a water story.

But look at new Opportunity Pancam image:


Middle-Left you can see:

A Martian Marble sitting on a "Stem".
It's very clear by the shadow the thing is casting.

Wow !

... i can't wait. :)

Can someone do make an anagyph of that 'stem' image?

The stem is an exciting image, but it is at least potentially consistent with wind-blown-sand erosion of a softer material around a hard spherule. That is, sometimes you would get an kind of a mushroom or stumpy lollipop type effect, instead of the berry falling off immediately.

There are examples of same from earth deserts. Here, for example.

I'm wondering about those threads though. Didn't they find more than one? Are they really inconsistent with the fibers in the rover airbags? Guess we'll see....


Not yet! So far, only 4 Left Pancam images have been put in the raw images directories.

Will need the right images to make a stereo pair.

whats-his-face said, "liquid water once drenched" opportunity's landing site. more details to follow, i assume.. :D

Let's suppose that the marbles are some kind of living subject... with a VERY LONG lifespan...


mario, its very easy to name anybody as "a cheater"

Sorry about the spam lately. I have been working long hard days and did not check this forum

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