Insight lander

Business is about to pick-up. Let's hope for a successful landing.

Que the "image guy."

Ups...looks like I made a mess...

Sad. This was indeed Hort's forum.

First image from Insight.

Thanks John, clear images are out. Will be good to get underground thermal profiles.

Another image from Insight:

lighting is more like it.

Wow, nice picture.....

so much of it in a protective shell.oh well... there must be something* interesting about it mmm ahah

Please God let this be the last non rover mission to Mars !

I just talked to God. He said no.

Yeah, I am looking forward to the first land and return mission.

No droplets on legs, what was the propellant used?

I think there were special circumstances in the Martian Arctic that allowed those drops to stick to the Phoenix Lander.

The fuel was hydrazine, and it created a blast zone on the ground:

This image, I think, shows the extent of the landing blast zone in the upper portion of the image:

Weather patterns. Daily and periodic.

This may be table thumping of fingers for a news story assignment by the reporter. I see a very stable pattern of temperature, radiation, pressure, and wind direction. A diurnal pattern powered and clear. Is there a real mystery here as claimed in the article? It appears radiation causes wind from the Southwest, and stalling causes wind from the Northwest. No information on vertical flow differences.
Someone here must read this in detail? It is wintertime at the INSIGHT location.

Are the effects of frost visible as notches on the chart? A winter 'storm'?

Sol 90 and 91.

Obviously we need access to a continuous record of more than three day reports combined.

We should keep an eye out for frost. Even't seen any yet.


InSight isn't going anywhere but we should check to the images, never know when we might see some frost. So far, nothing.

A shame we are treated to a weather reportage system held in a dark closet for apparently the duration of the mission. Important weather events are underway, and we will read about it in later years from others interpretations. This is no different than the local social systems of many regions of the world where we are not allowed to participate in the decisions of local politics. This is not normal 'open access' as a standard but possibly we will have the information after it is archived. Then again, possibly not even then. Does anyone dare to complain?
This change was promised to me in years past.