ISON Comet for 2013

The new discovery of this large and predicted to be very bright comet will be a subject for a large part of 2013. Will this set a new record for recent views of comet tails?
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A short early video clip of the comet from the Deep Impact spacecraft at about 493 million miles distance, taken on Jan 17-18, 2013.
No detail and too soon for a show of bright tail content.

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This is a substitute source of the video specific to the comet. A replacement for entry #2.
A comet passing just 1.1 million miles from the Sun. That is a truly hot encounter.
Closest pass to Earth this cycle is 40 million miles. At the distance it passes to the Sun in 2013, some estimate a one time comet tail may be present this year.


The Deep Impact imaging video was at 12 times the distance we will view the comet during the closest Earth passage this year.

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You Tube selections for the 2013 passage of this comet. General information from a number of sources and individuals.
A close pass-by of Mars, possibly?
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'Comet ISON C/2012 S1 Orbit'


'2013 Year of the Comets ISON , Lemmon , PANSTARRS (HD)'