Keeping the Peace

I have received many complaints from respected people who have posted here for a very long time concerning the participant who calls himself "Darwin". There have been so many that the time has come to put the hammer down.
This will be the one and ONLY warning given.
Treat others with respect. The complaints are not for content but as I read through the posts there is an arrogant rude and condescending tone to many and you seem to single people out to make your points.
If I receive one more letter concerning this, I will block your computer and you will be banned from using the Forum permanently
I am a believer in freedom of speech but that does not include belittling others
Can't we all get along?

No sir, we can't!
I can agree this person whom I know here only has been 'gushy' with friendly statements to myself and somewhat insulting to the common mood, and many particular persons who posture themselves as proper professional attitude types. The matter deserves a request for his posturing to be toned down, I agree. I also want him to be more critical of my barely competent entries which often confusing and have some typos. I hope to help him in the presentation of additional details which are being squashed or ignored by the claimed 'pro' posturing types.
The matteris intriqing to me because most of the persons who do not respond to my topics favorably, are freely bantering in mearly insulting technique with himself. I should be following his lead in communication apparently for a motivational interaction technique. That's the most favorable statement I can make in the matter. I entered the same realm with a challenge to brian who has a slighly testy intolerance of any non-staid observations about these photos from Mars, both MER and MRO.
Example here below is easily accessible to brian and others, but even two days back he was deliberately not choosing to look at the evidence of standing water/mud on Mars, and was bring papers, written from Earth based observations, about the impossibility of Mars ponding and open water bodies. He actually knows himself to be wrong, and in the process of old and bad information is seeking an altercative interaction.

Darwin is abrasive in personalizations but rather accurate in view of the vast disparity between the self claimed professionals staying with the past wrong information, and the rest of us whi are using the current information accurately.

This blog was designed to deny the 'blanket denial' of science progress by those seeking to retrain information transfer and common universal knowledge availability.
Darwin, chew ice, and smile!

Dana Johnson, danajohnson0, marscloseup

Two typos, again I have offended someone- nearly and who, for the confused.
100% size, JP2, PSP_001331_2260. Standing open water ponding in a cracked pattern subsidence zone. Early MRO HiRISE photo. No excuse for the tanting of Darwin, and the rest of us, by those who whimper in denial and rejection of the up-to-date evidence. Lets end this nightmare of denial.

Darwin you are a winner, squash the opposition if they can't back down.

Hi Guy's,
Not wanting o be an ogre on this site, I have to admit that when I and my friends go out for a night at the Pub we have lively discussions about Mars and science in general. If any of us gets to much "spirit" under our belts the management reserves the right to "chuck us out" of the Pub. One of us here seems to get very spirited ( with spirits perhaps ) by his own admission and thens posts totally deranged comments and tries to pick fights with anyone that does not agree with him. If he were in my Pub he would be chucked out by the bouncer and if re offended would be totally barred from the establishment. Is this not what is happening here ?? This is a democracy after all, isn't it!


This was not to be a democracy at all. A democracy is just short of a lynch mob when it gets stressed. Currently we have just short of illegal big mob rule as a result of several large actions taken by small groups in the short term past. They always have a story for the victims in those democracy groups- run for your life, or adapt.
Without stresses all types of groups smell and talk 'sweet'. Add stress and they can all be bad for the powerless and the deprived.
The exclusion of persons tired of the corrupt use of denial excuses based upon old and bad science is no real informational excuse at all.
The challenge as to insults is correct, but limited to the interaction of constant false informational baiting by some who are postured as conservative while expressing known false information. Many contradicting papers and estimations, or observations of real science appearing here as photos, deny the claims of no 'water', no liquids, no possibility of 'life on Mars', and many other contentious arguments.
These are arguments, not a finished matter of classical science formula. We have an obligation to get offended at times in this. We must all make scientific adjustments in ordered thinking.
I have been offended by extreme complete denial statements routinely, and I was angry without attempts to persecute the offenders. Why not the rest of yourselves try it as well?
A 'democracy' without personality is not very practical, but it is 'pleasant'. I am not retiring as yet from science- are you?

Barring is an allusion to the private ownership of science, as this was to be the primary location on the internet for the discussion of Mars and MER return photos and science data. It is an extreme act- perhaps the quite complacent argumentation I was reading today by the subjects involved was not the referenced altercation?

I don't want to be thought of as the bartender/bouncer of contemporary science advocation grouping. I don't claim to exclude those who are stressing the resistant 'deadbeats' of common 'old' science. Science has been a winding road for most all. Smile.

dishman, can you please send one of those forty foot dishes this way, possibly I can rent an empty lot somewhere?

I would like to explain that my first statement in #4 was a reference to current U.S. politics, which is a barometer of common 'mood', not law or science of thought. This country runs wild with swings of war advocation periodically, as do most dominiating nations throughout history. Excesses are routine during the stressed periods. It's a matter of blended unrestrained ordering of wealth(and much more).
The blog can be exempt to excesses as a small international group.

Thank you, Richard. It is time for a hard line now. I have been following about every thread for more than two years now and I must say that since the last month or so with decreasing interest and increasing disgust.

This forum is supposed to A-political. In other words there are other forums for people to bash each other for political reasons. I for one am not interested in listening to gross political statements when I came here to share my knowledge with the group. If you wish to condone extremely impolite behavior to the members of this forum then be it so. But, you will lose favor with the majority who came here for science. I for one do not condone bad behavior. If you do then perhaps there maybe other forums that suit this point of view and will eventually descend into rabble rousing and disintegration. There is no room for bad behavior in respect to people whom you have never even met, not to mention their credentials that you know nothing about. I do not want to eradicate Darwin from our midst, just get him back on track to what we are all here for, Mars Knowledge.


Dana, was trying to make a comparison for the sake of simplification. Not a political statement as such.

“This is a democracy after all, isn't it!”

The subject matter was democracy witch is a political process. You are the one who brought the process of government up. You yes you. Then you want to bash Dana for following your comment with a description of its implications.

This is classic. I see it all the time. How can you discuss science if you do not remember what you said or was it bait to a known hot button?

Dana knows what he is doing. Leave him alone.


Well remember Darwin "democracy is just a lynch mob" where we have just short of mob rule. Unquote.
Seems to me to be a sort of gathering of forces here !!
You all better be careful cause the US is running wild with swings of war and popular themes not connected with the law. What is going on here I don't want political jibe, I want science for Chr@#$s sake. And Darwin, all this discent was caused by your uncontrolled disdain of this group due to alcohol, remember that, your own words my friend.


This is exactly what goes on. Different ideologies is one thing, The brutal attacks from the, ” Good Guys,” on the people who not only think the way they do is apparent.

They have formed there little clubs and can be not only rude,

“I for one am not interested in listening to gross political statements”

but threatening,

“In other words there are other forums for people to bash each other for political reasons.”

“you will lose favor with the majority”

This is a tactic to suppress the other opinion. Dana works hard to produce his photos and great science. I have seen very little by dishman. They parade around like little know it alls with a superiority complex, quoting what they have read

Yea I have gave a few verbal slaps for this and I will try to refrain. I can not let them run rampant. No science will get done, just people putting people in there place.


dishman, and others, whom I respect,all;

As a lowly person and an individual I am experiencing in various circumstances, and social conformity standards groupings, some periodic discipline, verbal swipes, threats of a varied nature, and actual physical attacks occasionally. Some persons lives are very 'pleasantries' conditioned, safe or quiet, and generally on the tame side, differing from my own.
I stepped into this discipline threat statement/announcement with a similar hostility and intolerance to Darwin's complaintfullness, of the classic baiting syndrome in this blog which has tainted the atmosphere from it's beginning. The standard bad practice is for a 'staid' prior to MER mission research paper to be brandished as cause for complete denial and disregard for the current multiple missions photo and test results being used by ourselves as proper information here on the blog. A blanket denial with old information will squash most all readership of current results by the untrained and the curious passerby. Both sides here have been wrong the interactions at times.
Additionally the syndrome devolves to claims of 'I can't see' in regard to visual content. Again syndrome of denials of current facts, provable by photo or test instrument. It should have been limited to one claim of denial by each entrant to my standards. If they intend to not see why spam the replies with constant repetition? Granted some of that by the group involved was cut back by both Mark and Richard eventually, but it rises it's well organized 'head' as a stultifying dragon or clown periodically non-the-less.
Just the past week one of these persons told me I was 'rude' to the public for not giving the link to an original photo cropping even though I listed the source generally, location generally, and the file number was clearly listed on the image itself, accessible to all choosing to view the JPEG cropping. I could have gone a little further, and was intending to do so, but I have constraints as do you all in putting forward the vast number of links and references as should be done.
The matter here is that the combative disturbing hostility is contained within the communication as a clear signal to wage altercation, through intimidation and insult. That was not my injection, it was the indicated intent of the source of insult, another blog participant. Did I go 'wild' and attack with a frenzy of combativeness, requesting 'barring', ejections, interchanges of personality, or less than proper resolution of the obvious emotionally bound person? I instead gave a statement of explanation as to where to find the file number clearly present in the photo file listing and agreed to be even more careful in the future. What I was left with was insult now, and a known pattern of future insult as a substitute for politeness in the future.
That person was one of a group who have tried to interject altercative entry patterns to Darwin's comments as well as my own. I sympathize with Darwin's attempt to get this blog beyond the complacent rehashing of information which is no longer valid for all of Mars circumstances. I will work with him and all the others even when the conversations get down and dirty due to the long hours of commitment and personality posturings that are inevitable in a 'real time' news transpiration environment. If this were a boring blog I would be satisfied. It is instead a blending of professional persons, lay people, and serious committed amateurs in various disciplines about the Planet Mars, and related content.
Please understand that this is an unusual blog designed to interact more than just professionals in the 'staid old science' column. We are ready to view new items and challenge the postured former claimed 'facts', which were really contentious and non-proved information deducted from a distance anyhow.
As I hear these verbal banters routinely I don't give it much value, and I want the mood here to be as restrained as you and others do.
I simply haven't been actively assaulting the other parties with with background requests to the blog managers for exclusions, and I found in that the blog does not initiate action against offensive persons this way except as requested by a particular organized group who are being allowed to insult, bait, and issue blunting denials in a co-ordinated group basis.

I appreciated your entries and content- they were constructive. Other persons were not so constructive to me, but they 'normal' events for my experience. They weren't good science or bad unless they were wrong. To my knowledge, in view of vast photo evidence, they precisely were and are wrong, by choice, and insulting, and baiting.

As to the reference I made to U.S. policy in relationship to the advocation you entered for a 'democracy' on the blog, I make two statements. This countries history stinks as a toilet in parts of it's historical content, simply a matter of truthful historical fact. In addition, a democracy can be set aside a moments notice for the most heinous of conduct, and the most corrupt practices, despite claims of the dominating party. That also has history legacy . Sometimes the majority just don't carry the minimums of conduct on their shoulders for all in a 'democracy'. Not a subject for this blog really, and one based upon our personalized experiences and histories.

As an international blog/web process, let this blog be free from of dominion by a majority of insult/corruption, and demeaning expressions by individuals, all.