LHC CERN restart provides initial particle test success

Restart of the LHC operated by CERN was successfully begun this week. The first test collisions at low energy levels was conducted, with more scheduled. Analysis of the initial tests will be underway.
A machine appearing as much science fantasy as real can be viewed on the CERN computers as a gallery of quality images. The following images of the active beam are taken from a 3D massive sized file view looking down the length of the confinement corridor. Image credits to Maximilien Brice, and CERN, CDS.
The Large Hadron Collider(LHC) will be ramping the beam energy levels towards the full operating record setting range later in the year 2010.


A closeup of the LHC device which was taken in a '3D' mode of view, here displayed at somewhat lessor beauty in the smaller GIF file type. The original is about 27MB to 58MB, and 'down-converts' as you download it from the CERN CDS computers, so this is only a taste of the quality that is available in the full file size. Image taken by Maximilien Brice at the LHC facility in November, 2009, during the restart test process.
A full field of view of the original, again in a reduced GIF image file type. The original is apparently a TIF image, dropped to 8 bit depth during the downloading. We are not likely to see a better view of the new machine in operation.
5MB GIF, full frame field of view.


Test result graphics images of the particle interactions are quality images as well.

Beyond the 'test' phase start-up, the real initial work has begun on the LHC system.
First papers published and released. Abstract, PR.
Alice access to images, more.
The system has passed initial accuracy and safety checks, and beams are in use to find the answers to astro-physics and other physics questions.

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