Look again

When I learned that tura limeastone once covered all of the great pyramids and possibly others, I thought about it as it would look.. super polished, shiny, very reflective and bright. I was watching a 2 hour special called http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGucXXWm_RQ&list=HL1368379134 (Mars: Stealth Mission Curiosity)

After watching that and always being a believer of ancient advanced civilizations through my own research, I became convinced that a small fraction of the photos NASA releases to the public has to contain .. something.. other than rocks and dust.. so I went to the official website and looked through a few RAW images.. which they admitted were already doctored, saying a white balance filter was used for color.. but obviously they also blurred and washed the contrasts and edges..

Anyway, I noticed chunks of rocks that seemed to be very polished and shiny and without looking into it too much (as not all of their explanations of 'natural' phenomena can be trusted 100%) I began to think of the Tura Limestone and how the Ancients would have used common and plentiful planet-materials as we see in all ancient sites and even do in our own construction today with rock quarries and whatnot, it's just common sense. So with this technology permeating all they do and everything they build, I figured most if not all walls and statues were made of this polished like bluish stone they find up there on Mars, naturally. But when you look at it now its all covered in this powdery red.

Look at any of the MSL pictures with these stones and imagine there was no red dust covering them.. it would be miles of bluish shiny stone. but these oddly shiny and most time's, perfectly smooth stones, don't appear too often which led me to believe that they were used in some kind of construction a jillion years ago and the wind and dust wore at it making it bumpy and uneven.

Anyway blah blah blahjavascript:emoticon(':roll:'), if you're visiting this forum chances are you know all this and or know way more about it.. so lets just get to the goods. In this serif photo plus project file, I took a MSL panorama and I looked around very carefully looking for odd and out of place rocks and objects (which the bluish stoned are always blasted and almost always resting above the surface and other rocks) with geometrical shapes and edges.

In order to view it you'd have to open it as a project file and click 'on/off' the: Areas Of Interest layer, to see the original vs the highlighted areas. some areas have been highlighted using different techniques to get a better look. I found not 1, but 2 heads of statues and possibly a 3rd and 4th. I also found a device which I've pointed an arrow to. it looks like a vial with one of those hinged caps b/c get this, you can see the cap hanging from the middle and the shadow of the cap (being attached to the center/tip of this vial and dangling a few centimeters off the ground)! Now I won't list them all.. the areas of interest are highlighted (zoom in to 200% for a better view) I didn't want to resize because I feared a crash and ppl claiming that its all artifact generation from resizing so I left the size untouched, if you have the skills and you think you see something too, I'd love someone to blow up some of these AOI for a closer look. Now I've already been typing for like an hour.. so i wont go on to point out too much or assume any more because people love holding me accountable for exactly everything I say.. so Maybe its good Im not a pro. lets leave all that stuff aside.. What do you see here in this panorama?

https://www.dropbox.com/s/04g7rf3xcjf7cgd/716934main_pia16563b_full%20Reveal%20Project%201.Spp feel free to go to their website for the originals.. now that they've been highlighted.. you'll see them clear as day on the originals.. no photoshop, no 'placed' objects. Unless Nasa shopped them in.. which is just a whole other kind of weird.. anyway, download it, use photoshop or photoplus to view it as its an dual image with multiple layers one original and a highlight layer on top..