Maes biology-Links of interest

Finding this gallery site for organic chemistry crystallography images of isolated and refinement generated crystals which show the defined character of particular compounds from various Earth based organic complex chemistry items, I thought a general link list for such sites of interest and reference value might be worthy of a topic for sharing the links.
These are X-ray diffraction imaging of very small particular chemistry's, and would not be seen in the current lander's instrument imaging, however, as the basic shapes can be expected to be similarly formed on Mars with the Martian propensity for crystallization and extreme organizational transformation of equivalent Earth 'soft tissue' basic chemistry items, it seemed of value to give others access to the gallery of crystals.
Might we have a larger scale viewable influence shown in some of the futureor current images of Mars organic materials if we identify organic compounds as surviving at the Mars surface soil depth with future landers?
Additional general reference links for viewing Earth biology as equivalent to future Mars organic materials.
Suggestions from your links to aid others?