Mars in Color

Okay here is the first color image that I have taken of Mars. Keep clicking to see higher resolution versions:

hi ...that,s same a desert...MARS: GOD of war...
with best wishes

Mars pictures not released by NASA!

Hi ,ive been working on a picture for awhile now and seems to have taken on a life of its on seems i found a rock with the number 19 on it from a picture on the JPL website then a friend of mine posted it on a german site and someone found a crude figure drawing ok heres the urls take a look

thats the original --3rd rock from the upper right hand corner of the center plate on the rover next is a blow up of it showing it more clearly and last is a picture and art someone did on the figure

thanks for looking and maybe safe the original JPL pic to disc or something i think it will disapear from JPL soon


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