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Meridiani Planum may or may not be dry, but the MARSIS ground-penetrating radar result is not the only evidence of underground ice deposits near the equator. There is also the hydrogen signal from the neutron spectrometer on Mars Odyssey, especially in the Medusa Fossae area.

All good. The longer it takes to get there, the more we will know. Tech don't wait, in fact it builds upon its self....By the time we get around to going, we should have the know-how.. we need more people posting here Barsoomer, et al
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Re reply 10, what if Martian fossils were proven before the year 2020?
Too much is at stake.;topic=43968.0;attach=1463219;image

How many missions until we can record the 'Hum of Mars'? Our first lander for seismic readings will be on Mars this decade. Will that lander measure millihertz frequency at the levels similar to those discussed in this story?

aaaahhhh Dana,,, leave it to you to go waaay out there.. yep that stuff too, eventually. first we have to learn to live on it,, then we can have time to learn to Love it......far beyond yours and my lifetimes.. soon us oldtimers will be gone also..... who shall we send who will go for us?...just kidding,, Nice day in south texas on the beach...


I think that I read somewhere that Curi was outfitted with a microphone that would record the "sounds of Mars". I have never seen an article since then that indicated that the microphone was ever deployed. Can anyone on the MRB board indicate if there was indeed a microphone on Curi; If it survived the landing; and if it was ever used? If it was used it would be very useful if someone could publish some examples of the sounds obtained.