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The Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity are always refered to as 'rovers' but are they really AGV's (Autonomous Guided Vehicles) ?

I guess could be a matter of definitions, e.g. the rovers are called rovers becuase they are controlled from earth and not truely autonomous.
I've read somewhere that the rovers are able to handle critical situations by them selfs becuase of the timedelay in communication from earth, is that true?

To an extent this is true. Each rover is uploaded a series of commands each day as to" go here and turn right" turn left and go here? extend arm Etc. In addition if the rover finds an object that it is not able to "roll over" its hazard avoidance syestem takes over and detours around the object. The forward Haz cam provides it with this information and the rear haz cam provides it when it is reversing.

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Scott,a rover driver has an up-dated daily by sol,page.
Interesting page.

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