Mars Soil For Science Fairs

Hello Fellow Space Explorers

This is my version of Martian regolith simulant JSC MARS-1A.

Martian regolith simulant (or Martian soil simulant) is a terrestrial material that is used to simulate the chemical and mechanical properties of Martian soil for research and experiments

After the Viking landers and the Mars Pathfinder’s rover landed on Mars, the onboard instruments were used to determine the properties of the Martian soil at the landing sites. The studies of the Martian soil properties led to the development of JSC Mars-1 Martian regolith simulant at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in 1998

Using NASA’s soil analysis I formulated my own Mars simulant for my son to use in a Mars science fair project.

The five most abundant ingredients in Mars soil account for almost 95% of the soil. The other 5% is made up of several tiny rare elements that are not easily attainable outside of NASA.

My Mars soils percentages are adjusted to compensate for the 5 % unattainable materials

SiO2 – 54.5%
Fe2O3 – 20.9%
Al2O3 – 8.2%
MgO – 8.7%
CaO – 7.7%

I mix my Mars soil in a clean lab and UV sterilize each batch before and after packing into one pound ziplock bags.