Mars Summary

After all the probes let's talk about what we have learned.

Mars rotates every 24 hours or so like Earth, but it rotates at half the speed as Dana observed.

This allows for ground temperatures to reach above freezing into the Arctic boundaries.

The atmosphere maintains a pressure of 6.5 millabars. This is above the triple point of water.

Water snow falls above 50 degrees latitude at night, when conditions allow.

Seasonal methane plumes suggest micro biology or geologic activity. It must be argued that geology is not seasonal.

Add your findings below.

It should be noted that these observations are surface and atmospheric. Although I am now degreed. I will always be a simple weatherman

The concept of microclimate was thought to cover all of Mars because of the Viking Lander thermal profiles.

Opportunity revealed temperatures of 95F at sensor level. This indicates a steep gradient from equatorial to mid latitudes.This degree of diurnal heating, even at equatorial regions was not anticipated.

Nocturnal conditions bring about more Earth like conditions. Higher humidty, development of fog, clouds and precipitation.

Precipitation can occur in the higher latitudes, even in the summer. A tight gradient indeed.


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That begs the question. Why are we still here?

This forum does have a sense of history. That must be it. Maybe it's the fact that UMSF was to stiff shirt, or as Hort said, "too powdered wigged."

Maybe Doug was right. Restrict everything to known dogma. Tip of the hat to Winston.

I would hope the readers would go back and relive those discussions. Even a drunken weatherman has something to add.

Mars still has an active hydrocycle, weak yes. It is most active in the Arctic regions. The Phoenix lander, lot of good stuff there for sure.


Phoenix lander microscopic images from Hort and Dana for sure.

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If you got answers, everyone is listening.


I guess it was a common goal with different approaches.

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That brings us back to space-time. That's were we think we are...

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Sad. Why did we go to Mars? We wanted to learn about ourselves. A rock does not have awareness or consciousness. You do, yet you "believe" you are nothing.

Individually you are nothing, but you are not separate, be glad on this Holy week.


It's not always black or white. Thought enters. Thought is not always objective. It is subject to wants. Wants are personal.

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