Martian Eclipse in Progress

Now, I'm not on Mars in order to see the sun pass out of sight and back, and to be able to tell which celestial body is passing between myself and my surface...
However, I was indeed outside on the night of September 7, 2003, at around 4am in Tempe, AZ, USA, and I witnessed a complete (not partial) dimming of Mars' bright light (notice hoe close it had been for some time), for about 15-30 seconds worth of time.
I cannot find one single source to confirm what I witnessed that night, nor which celestial body caused the shadow of the bright light of Mars.
I can be reached at if you have any information of resources that could help me to answer this problem that has been plaguing me for months.

I found this link that seems to show a series of Mars images that dim on that date.
I hope this helps

Thanks for the help, Richard. I did not see which example included this phenomena on that date, but I do appreciate the reply.

Who would one ask about that event? Where should I inquire? Any input?
Best wishes,
-coyote child