More Reliable Photo Links

As you probably, know this site has a feature that makes it easier to post thumbnail links to photos. For more information about this feature that was launched in February 2004, click here.

If you have used the above-mentioned feature, however, you know that it has limits. It uses "pattern matching" to idenify a URL to an image. Specifically, there is a requirement that the URL end in .jpg, .gif or .tiff. In the real world, however, there are cases where image URLs do not end in these common file extensions. This new feature is designed to address those cases.

Often referred to as a "BBcode", you an now wrap your image URLs in [IMG] and [/IMG] tags. For example, to post a photo link, you could do the following:


And it would appear as follows:


The thumbnails are 100 pixels wide. I can change this setting, however, if people think that larger thumbnails would be better.

I hope this helps address some of those trickier photo URLs.

Thanks Mark, I am a new visitor to the site and this advice is welcome I shall try it out. :-)

Click and drag feature would cetainly make it easier.
I have the "missing photo that is in contention in the open forum, evolution (monolith)